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The EU Reach with Local Recruiter

Through our partners, we are offering access to the large pool of qualified candidates cultivated by more than 20 companies and over 100 recruiters all over the EU. It’s a local connection that gives you the EU reach. You pay for one firm’s service, but you are leveraging the knowledge of the entire network. Save time with a single point of contact in Austria and accountability on every hire. 


The ability to quickly fill critical roles reflects positively on you and your ability to achieve company goals. We have the support of over 20 partners in the EU when searching for the perfect candidate.

The Lowest Recruiting Fees in Austria

Thanks to our partnership network with recruiters outside of Austria we can offer the lowest recruiting fees on the Austrian market. We work on contingency basis, meaning we are charging only if our candidate is hired.

Specialty Focus’s partner recruiters specialize in many different industries. Employers benefit from a network of recruitment agencies who are uniquely qualified to find the best candidates in the shortest period for your industry-specific positions. recruits academics with professional experience in the following areas (for both English & German speaking positions):

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