Senior Product Marketing Specialist

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Senior Product Marketing Specialist




ready2order is transforming to a payment, banking, and lending solution for small business owners. And you’ll make this happen!

Take full responsibility for product launches and coordinate roll-outs with marketing, brand, operations, and product management to serve thousands of small businesses.

Your first product to launch will be a payment terminal, followed by a bank account and credit card for micro-businesses across any industry.

In the next growth phase, we want to acquire +100,000 micro-businesses across Europe to become the top financial aggregator in Europe.

You will be the first establishing Product Marketing at ready2order!


  • complete the ready2order onboarding bootcamp and learn about the company history, our business, and where we are going.
  • have coffee breaks with employees from different departments.
  • meet your team.


  • spend time with customer-facing departments to get a clear understanding of our customers.
  • pick up a deep understanding of our product and its functionalities.
  • get an overview of our product roadmap and the product development processes.
  • start a close collaboration with product development, sales, marketing and customer support.
  • start planning your first product roll-out.


  • be fully responsible for product launches and roll-outs in Germany and Austria.
  • have a roll-out plan among our product roadmap.
  • have the bigger picture in mind by being involved in the early stages of the product life cycle.
  • have fully planned, coordinated, and realized the communication of product changes and redesigns.
  • define a short and long term product marketing strategy.


  • develop a go-to-market strategy to release future features and products successfully.
  • build up product marketing within our company and establish a product marketing infrastructure with determined processes.
  • plan and coordinate the launch, and roll-out of our credit card and business bank account.


  • have released various product design and functionality changes.
  • contribute to the launch of our new products and services in payment, banking, and lending in Germany and Austria.
  • be working on the roll-out of our existing and new products across Europe.
  • contribute to our success in internationalization.


  • +5 years of experience in a similar role.
  • you are confidently handling product launches across several countries.
  • ability to think critically and strategically to come up with effective launch strategies.
  • you are an action-driven and proactive personality.
  • you have strong communication and coordination skills.
  • you have a solid understanding of marketing.
  • having native German language skills are mandatory for this position, as we will focus on Germany for the next 12 months.
  • You have very good oral and written communication skills in English.

ABOUT ready2order

ready2order was founded in 2012 with the vision of eliminating additional administrative work for entrepreneurs with the help of a digital checkout app. Started as a hobby project, ready2order was able to transform itself into a software company and provides a solid digital infrastructure for entrepreneurs to organize, manage, and analyze their business.

Currently, ready2order has about 80 employees so that +12,000 customers can handle their daily business.


We believe that small businesses don’t exist, to be managed, they exist to create, perform, deliver. And no matter what they do best, they do best when they can focus on just that.

So, we become the top of mind standard for managing a small business.

To get there we create central access to all essential tools, entrepreneurs really need to unleash the full potential of their business.

We enable small businesses to unleash their full potential.

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