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Job Overview

Personal Assistants is all actions taken to assist a person with a disability mainly by hands-on activities. Personal Assistants do the things a disabled person would do for him or herself if they did not have a disability.
A personal assistant provides the support necessary for someone with a disability to live an independent life.

I am a 38 years old, active, open minded woman who likes to travel. Due to my illness I am using a wheelchair. Therefore I am searching for an assistant to help me with

  1. tasks in my spare time: such as accompanying in town, to concerts, to friends, on holidays, to meetings, swimming
  2. tasks during work such as accompanying on the way to work, switching on the computer, opening doors, taking notes
  3. Domestic tasks such as housecleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping,
  4. Personal care, such as transfer, skin care, positioning, bathing, dressing, toilet assistance

Vienna (most of the time U3 Zippererstraße/Gasometer)

how much?
11,5 EUR per hour

working hours?
marginal and part time employment (up to 20 hours a week)

working time?
on agreement, sometimes also on the weekend and during night

May 2021

No special education necessary! Driving license preferable! English or Italian speaking person are warmly welcome! Gender doesn´t matter!
If you are interested send an application and a CV to

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