Operations Teller

Job Overview

The Operations Teller is responsible for dealing with all operations business processing of back office, including establishing customer information/opening account/loan business /remittance business/set system parameter/finance market business for back office/international settlement /Online banking etc.

Position: Operations Teller
Experience: Minimum 2 years
Minimum Qualification:
Bachelor degree in Finance/ Business / Economics/accounting;
2 years working experience is preferred in banking operations field or clearing field or accounting field.

Salary: Minimum yearly gross 35.000 EUR (excluding other benefits) and could be higher depends on experience and qualification of the applicant.

Job Description:

  • Implementation of fund clearing operations, account reconciliation, inquiry and answer of clearing business.
  • Implementation of parameter maintenance and management for all systems.
  • Implementation of loan back office operations including loans granting, loan interest rate adjustment, loan interests repayment, setting of the principal of loan repayment etc.
  • Implementation of international settlement, trade finance operations, etc.
  • Implementation of back office operations of financial Market including MM, Fx-Spot, Fx-Fwd, Fx-Swap, Bond etc.
  • Implementation of setting up clients information, opening or closing account, block and unblock account, e-banking, customer information update, etc.
  • Implementation of all kinds of transaction operations at the counter according to customer’s requirement.
  • Other works assigned by head of department.

Skills and Competencies required:

  • Strong adaptability and rapid learning skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Good team spirit and strong inter-cultural communication skills

Working Location: Vienna, Austria
Report to: Head of IT & Operation Department

Please send your English & German CV directly to hailong.cui@at.icbc.com.cn

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