Master Thesis Topic: Optimized I/O Pad Design for Smartphone Platforms


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Master Thesis Topic: Optimized I/O Pad Design for Smartphone Platforms

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You are a motivated student (f/m/div)* who wants to write the master thesis in an international successful company? This specific job is suitable for students within technical studies in the field of electronics, electrical engineering or similar. Apply now and support our team.

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Data communication between individual functional units on a smartphone is running via CMOS I/O pads. Performance parameters for the pads between vendor platforms vary. Not only the voltage level of the power supply is different but also the voltage levels for communication vary. Due to EMI requirements and different loading on the PCB, rise- and fall-times must be controlled. From IC manufactures point of view one pad design shall support the requirements of all customers. Fulfilling the varying needs by one analog design is very challenging.

The proposed research topic is to design an I/O pad in a 120nm CMOS process which supports a maximum number of platforms. Voltage levels, transitions time and propagation delay need to be configurable and stay within their given specifications. To find an optimal solution different pad architectures shall be investigated, compared and enhanced up to highly innovative solutions.

In your new role you will:

  • Literature and internet research on CMOS pad topologies
  • Usage and further development of already existing pad designs
  • Design and verification of an innovative CMOS pad
  • Potentially bring the design on a test chip for characterization in the lab

Further information
Type of employment: Temporary / Full-time (Flexible working hours from Monday to Friday between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.)
Start: May 2021
Duration: min. 6 months

This thesis has to be written in cooperation with an university.


You are a motivated student (f/m/div)* in the field of electronics, electrical engineering or similar. You are best equipped if you:

  • Have knowledge and experience in analog circuit design
  • Are motivated and eager to learn
  • Are fluent in English and/or German

This position is subject to the collective agreement for workers and employees in the electrical and electronics industry (full-time), employment group D for master students (

Please attach the following documents (german or english) to your application:

  • Motivation letter
  • CV
  • Certificate of matriculation at a university
  • Transcript of records
  • Highest completed educational certificate (Matura certificate for Bachelor students, Bachelor certificate for Master students)
  • Reference letter

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