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Job Overview

Work for Mjam as delivery rider in Vienna

What is Mjam?

There are almost 40,000 households in Vienna and many of them love using delivery services as Mjam.

This is why you will see so many of the pink riders riding on their bikes around the historical city of Vienna.

If you are looking for a flexible part-time job that won’t get boring, you can join the Mjam team in Vienna in a few easy steps!

As a rider in Vienna, you earn €12 per hour.

Working with Mjam in Vienna

Mjam is one of the biggest food delivery companies in Vienna and works with hundreds of restaurants from all over the city.

Good food, happy people and a hassle-free service

Flexible working hours

Are you more of a morning or evening person? Well, as a Mjam rider it doesn’t matter, because you get to design your own work schedule by deciding when and how much you want to work.

Mjam delivery rider jobs Vienna
Sign up as a Mjam rider in Vienna

This way you are able to boost your income quickly, while palnning in your own free time and holidays. To sum it up: working as Mjam delivery rider actually means freedom and flexibility!

Your job will keep you fit

As a rider for Mjam in Vienna you can turn work and working out into one activity. Feel free to put on your favourite Spotify-list and start cruising around the historical old town, along the Donau or passing by the Prater.

Mjam delivery rider jobs Vienna
Enjoy cycling around Vienna

Deliver from Vienna’s favourite restaurants

Among the popular restaurants on Mjam are the burger place Beste Freunde, which is located in the trendy district of Mariahilf and the oriental restaurant Mischu Mischu in central Vienna. As a Mjam rider you will probably pick-up food from either of the restaurants every once in a while, so step up your orientation game!

Mjam delivery rider jobs Vienna
Some of Mjam’s popular restaurants

Signing up as a rider for Mjam in Vienna, means you will pick up and deliver food from restaurants to homes and offices all around.

With the help of the Mjam App, you will be notified about the orders that are closest to you. GPS and Google Maps, will help you find your way.

How do I apply for Mjam in Vienna?

You can start today, by signing up to become a rider on Mjam’s website. After filling in the short online application form, Mjam will contact you as soon as possible.

Download and install Mjam driver app and start delivering!

Skills/experience/other information

To become a rider you must:

• Own a smartphone with internet access in order to accept orders and navigate through the city
• Own a bike
• Be 18+ years old



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