Call for RNE IT Engineer

Call for RNE IT Engineer

Job Overview

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Call for RNE IT Engineer

RailNetEurope (RNE) is an association of European Infrastructure Managers (IMs) and Allocation Bodies (AB) with the common goal of facilitating international traffic on the European rail infrastructure and increasing the efficiency of the IM’s/AB’s processes. Today RNE counts 35 Full Members from 25 different countries and 10 Associate Members (the Rail Freight Corridors).

We are looking for an IT Engineer who shall, as a part of the RNE IT team, support the CCS (Common Components System) Manager in performing IT-related activities and assist in managing specific applications for the railway sector, especially the CCS.

The Common Components System (CCS) is the telematics application for freight and passenger service (TAF/TAP). It is based on the Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI) according to EC Regulations 1305/2014 and 454/2011 and comprises three elements to ensure the interoperability of European railway traffic:

  1. Common Interface (CI): a technical tool that supports the interoperable exchange of messages
  2. Central Reference File Database (CRD): a centralised database that stores the location codes and company codes required under TAF TSI regulation
  3. Certification Authority (CA): ensures secure communication between parties using the Common Interface

Please find more information regarding RNE and the RNE IT systems under and

Interested candidates are kindly asked to contact the RNE CIO Harald Reisinger ([email protected]).

Candidates should ideally be available from May 2020. (Later start is possible)

The minimum yearly gross salary is EUR 50.000€ (full time – 40h/week).


  • Technical activities related to the Common Components System, including:
    • Supporting the CCS Manager in setting up new CCS licensed users
    • Supporting the service desk in providing 1st and 2nd level support when needed
    • Supporting CCS licensed users in introducing and maintaining the CI on their side, ensuring uninterrupted CI operation
    • Supporting the software supplier in the further development and improvements of the CI and CRD and in the quality assurance processes
    • Providing support in data management to CRD users
    • Being responsible for CI connectivity between RNE and other partner companies, especially RNE members.
  • Preparing reports for CIO and RNE IT Architect
  • Representing RNE and providing support to CCS Manager
  • Providing training materials and performing training courses

Qualifications & Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree of in the area of computer and IT systems, with at least 1 year experience, or non-academic educational level with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in similar positions
  • Very good knowledge of Microsoft Products:
    • Windows client operating systems (Windows 10, Server 2016/2019)
    • Microsoft Office 365 (especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Experience in using Linux operating system (Red Hat, CentOS, …)
  • Experience in application management and IT support processes and procedures (e.g. ITIL)
  • Experience in computer networking
  • Familiar with web service technologies and XML
  • Excellent communication and support skills with the ability to work well in a team environment
  • Very good English language skills at negotiation level (B2)
  • Ability to work in an international context and undertake international business trips
  • Well organised, precise, ability to work in a fast-paced change environment
  • Used to working under time pressure

Tasks may change depending on the objectives and the organisation of the association as decided by the RNE General Assembly.

GDPR note:
Your job application requires submission of personal information to RNE. According to our internal rules the RNE Managing Board shall appoint the staff of the Joint Office in Vienna. As an association of more than 30 companies around Europe, RNE members provide their funding and are involved in its operations. With this said we inform all job applicants about the above particularities. Therefore, RNE human resources personnel (or HR agency on its behalf) and RNE management considering your application and RNE members will have access to your personal information included in your CV.

This is our way to find a balance between transparency in our organisation and your privacy. Thus, the applicants are explicitly asked to consent to this and with the submission of your job application we consider you agree and give an explicit consent on the above distributions of your CV to the RNE Managing Board members and the GA representatives. In other words, by submitting your application, you consent to the processing of your personal data in the above way, and if hired, to the ongoing processing of your personal data for administrative purposes in connection with your employment.

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