The best and safest neighborhoods of Munich to stay or to live

You are looking for a nice and safe place to live or stay in Munich? There are many things to do in this city, from experiencing the busiest districts to other urban spaces in peace. Even though there are great contrasts between the different districts of this city, there are some areas that are most suitable for your needs. With our guide, you will find the perfect neighborhood for you in Munich.

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria with a population of around 1.35 million people. The city is a popular tourist destination. The Oktoberfest alone attracts over 6 million tourists each year.

Munich is the safest big city in Germany. When it comes to safety, however, there are significant differences between parts of the city. As in every big city, there is a clear difference between good and bad parts of the city.

What are the safest districts in Munich?

These are the safest districts in Munich:

  • 2 Ludwigsvorstadt – Isarvorstadt
  • 12 Schwabing – Freimann
  • 1 Altstadt – Lehel
  • 16 Ramersdorf – Perlach
  • 3 Maxvorstadt
  • 11 Milbertshofen – Am Hart
  • 9 Neuhausen – Nymphenburg

Above are the districts of Munich with the lowest number of criminal offenses in Munich in 2020. Each of these districts has only 1% to 2% of all criminal offenses which happen per year in Munich (Source: Muenchen).

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What are the best districts of Munich to stay?



  • Walking distance to many attractions
  • History-rich buildings and architecture
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes abound
  • Numerous shopping options
  • Excellent transport links


  • Very crowded with tourists
  • Expensive



  • Many options for going out and parties
  • Central location
  • Good transport connection
  • Around the Oktoberfest site
  • Inexpensive hotels, especially near the train station


Loud and not safe near the train station



  • Numerous art galleries and museums
  • Central location between the old town, the Olympic Park, and the castle
  • A lot of options for accommodation from the cheap to expensive ones


  • From the outer areas, it is impossible to walk to the old town



  • Cozy atmosphere with a Lots of bars, restaurants, and cafes
  • Proximity to the English Garden
  • Relatively close to the stadium the Allianz Arena


It is far from the city center, but it is a pretty quiet and safe area



  • Quiet and safe area
  • Good connection with public transport 


  • The main train station is far away
  • The city center can only be reached by a long walk or by tram

What are the best neighborhoods of Munich for a living?


Whether architecture, traffic, or population structure Neuhausen is a district of contrasts. Maybe that’s what makes him so popular (source: WG-gesucht).

Neuhausen, a neighborhood of Maxvorstadt, has cozy corners for living, good restaurants, and traditional shops and it is culturally rich.

According to the TZ study, the happiest people in Munich live in Neuhausen.

There are many impressive residential and commercial buildings in the original Neuhausen. The mainly quiet side streets are dominated by residential buildings with partly representative old stocks. More than half of Neuhaus’ real estate portfolio is protected as an ensemble or monument. Neuhausen is an extremely green neighborhood.


Trudering-Riem is an excellent neighborhood for living. According to the study of TZ, Trudering-Riem won first place in the categories of family and pet friendliness, environmental quality, club life, and noise protection.

Especially families with children appreciate the combination of urban and village lifestyle in Trudering-Riem. Trudering-Riem is one of Munich’s most child-rich districts (source: WG-gesucht).


The area around the well-known Munich Nymphenburg Palace is primarily known as an exclusive residential area located northwest of Munich city center. Along with the palace park with a canal belonging to Schloss Nymphenburg, the district also boasts many historically significant and beautiful buildings and housing options.


Schwabing is probably one of the most famous districts of Munich. The district is a trendy residential area that’s more exclusive. Schwabing-Freimann in particular is known for its fashion, jewelry, and costume boutiques, as well as gourmet restaurants and numerous wine bars. Munich’s Art Nouveau buildings make this district particularly charming. Schwabing is known as the bohemian quarter of Munich and is one of the most populous districts. Munich Schwabing is undoubtedly one of the more expensive areas of Munich, but it also offers a lot. Schwabing combines a large number of restaurants and cafes, as well as bars, shops, and is conveniently located near the Isar and the English Garden. Many well-preserved Art Nouveau villas offer old-style apartments with high ceilings and stucco. In addition to artists and students, the quarter is popular with artists who are willing to pay a little more rent for the charming environment.


Bogenhausen has always been the quarter of the rich and beautiful, with plenty of celebrities, magnificent villas, and lots to see. The district is also rich in contrasts.

In Munich, Bonnhausen, especially the area around Prinzregentenstrasse, is one of the most popular and therefore best residential districts. In addition to Ludwigstrasse in Maxvorstadt, Prinzregentenstrasse is one of Munich’s boulevards. Bogenhausen is known as one of Munich’s more elegant residential areas, along with Nymphenburg and Harlaching. 

What is the best district of Munich for students?

The Maxvorstadt is the best district for students and young people in Munich. This district is also called the university quarter and is one of the vibrant districts of Munich. Cityscape highlights include the museums and Königsplatz, which are architectural highlights. In addition to this flair, there are many cafes, restaurants, and smaller clubs in the area. Maxvorstadt is home to three of the city’s most important museums. It is a place for academics and art lovers to interact. 

Since students primarily settle here, they also lower the average age of the residents and promote nightlife and gastronomy. This results in a lot of restaurants, bars, and clubs. In Maxvorstadt, anyone who is interested in studying in Munich or participating in student life is in good hands.

Which neighborhood is the best for families in Munich?

The best neighborhoods for families in Munich are Trudering and Riem and Feldmoching -Hasenberg. On the other hand, the worst district for families living in Munich is the Maxvorstadt.

Where do the rich people live in Munich?

Rich people live in Grünwald in Munich. This place is a symbol of luxurious properties where celebrities and rich people live.

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