Bad neighborhoods in Munich: Worst districts to stay or to live in Munich

You are visiting Munich as a tourist and you are wondering where to stay that is safe or you are moving to Munich and looking for an apartment and wondering what are the bad and dangerous areas to avoid. The good news is that Munich is the safest big city in Germany. However, there are bad neighborhoods that should be avoided, and in this article, we are disclosing the full list of these.

Is Munich a safe city?

Munich is a safe city and the safest big city in Germany according to the official statistics. Munich recorded only 5.987 crimes per 100,000 people in 2020. Compared to this, Berlin, the most dangerous city in Germany, recorded 13.739 crimes per 100,000 citizens according to Statista.

What are the bad districts of Munich?

Districts of MunichNumber of criminal offensesPercentage
2 Ludwigsvorstadt – Isarvorstadt1069013%
12 Schwabing – Freimann67518%
1 Altstadt – Lehel65838%
16 Ramersdorf – Perlach55577%
3 Maxvorstadt35934%
11 Milbertshofen – Am Hart35824%
9 Neuhausen – Nymphenburg35604%
21 Pasing – Obermenzing33234%
5 Au – Haidhausen32544%
19 Thalkirchen – Obersendling28944%
15 Trudering – Riem28734%
10 Moosach28153%
13 Bogenhausen26623%
25 Laim25323%
17 Obergiesing24773%
4 Schwabing West22993%
7 Sendling – Westpark22993%
14 Berg am Laim20293%
24 Feldmoching – Hasenbergl18842%
6 Sendling18702%
8 Schwanthalerhöhe16892%
18 Untergiesing – Harlaching16712%
20 Hadern16542%
22 Aubing – Lochhausen – Langwied15512%
23 Allach – Untermenzing9361%
Source: Muenchen

According to the official crime statistics (above), these are the worst districts of Munich:


Criminal cases are most prevalent in this district. There is a lot of crime, particularly during the big events, because of the large number of visitors and parties such as Oktoberfest. The most common types of crime are drug dealing, sexual crimes, fights, and thefts.

Schwabing – Freimann

There is a lot of brawls here, especially in the streets of Altschwabing. One of the most problematic spots with a lot of incidents is the stadium Allianz Arena.

Altstadt – Lehel

Bag theft and shoplifting are the most common crimes in this district, with Stachus being the crime hotspot. It is also known as a party area and sexual crimes are not uncommon here.

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What are bad neighborhoods or no-go areas in Munich?

No-go zones are those you would never dare to enter at any time of day for fear of your life or limb. There are no real no-go areas or ghettos in Munich.

The below-listed 20 areas and places are those with the highest level of crime and as such these should be avoided especially at the night. You can expect homeless people, thefts, fights, drug dealers, alcoholic groups, and similar things. During the day, go to these areas with other people and be very careful with your belongings, especially if you are alone.

20 Most Dangerous Places and Areas in Munich

  1. Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) & Old Botanical Garden  
Foto Robert Hass, Sueddeutsche

A walk to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) seems particularly risky based on statistics. Every day, around 500,000 people use it. Nighttime is particularly dangerous there – and alcohol abuse is one of the main causes. About two-thirds of all crimes are committed at night. There is a lot of drug trafficking at the main train station. During the night, there is a lot of violence and women should avoid this area. Many citizens are not feeling safe at the main train station and they are complaining about drug addicts, alcoholics, and bullying groups.

2. Ostbahnhof

There is a lot of drug dealers and prostitutes here.

3. Central Bus Station

Begging gangs are very common and this place should be avoided at the night.

4. General-Kalb-Weg

5. Riedenburger Strasse underpasses, Landshuter Allee

6. Finance garden

7. Walnut Park

8. Hans-Fischer-Strasse

9. At Harras

10. Partnachplatz

11. Theresienhöhe

12. Landshuter Allee

13. Harthof

14. Neuperlach, Charles-de-Gaulle-Strasse

15. Otkerstrasse

16. Koppstrasse

17. Senftenauerstrasse

18. Forum Westkreuz

19. Allach train station

20. Laimer Platz

Is Munich dangerous at night? Is Munich safe at night?

No, Munich is relatively safe at the night. Nonetheless, it depends on the district, and bad neighborhoods (listed above) should be avoided at night. You should take a taxi rather than walk if you have to go to these bad neighborhoods at the night.

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