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General Job Searching Consultation

As a job seeker, you’ll need consultation to succeed. Sending out hundreds of international style CVs and cover letters won’t work.

If what you are doing isn’t working, it’s time to seek out some extra support.

Your job search in Austria

“80% of jobs searched are never advertised”

– Forbes.

Searching for jobs is a skill. Invest in learning it and save time by connecting with the right employers.

Identify companies in Austria which are fitting your experience.

Work 1-on-1 with a professional to follow up on your CV, speak to decision makers and get interview commitments. We also students to enter the job market via internships.

Time wasted job searching can cost you potential money earned and savings.

Potential reasons why you are not successful with your job search

1. Not understanding the Austrian job market

2. Not understanding the decision making process

3. Not defining your niche

4. Not leveraging your cultural background

5. Not promoting your language skills

6. Not establishing relationships

7. Not speaking to the right people

8. Not personalising your application

9. Not following up with applications

What problems do you have with your job search?

Language requirements (German required)

Searching for english speaking jobs

Difficulty to contact and meeting employers

No response to your CV

No interviews requests

Rejected for being overqualified

Rejected but no reason given

Got a low salary offer

You need a work permit

You need assistance moving to Austria

What you will learn:

Where to find jobs matching your background?

Which companies fit your profile?

How to find opportunities at companies that are rapidly expanding into international markets.

Get help from professional to:

1. Send applications at the right time

How the recruitment season works?

How the recruitment process works?

How the decision process works?

2. Find matching employers

Which employers match your experience the best?

Which industries you should focus on?

How to research jobs and employers?

3. Presenting your skills

How to present your transferable skills?

How to present your competencies?

4. Employer contacts

Which networks you should join?

How to establish contact with potential employers?

How to send your CV and follow up?

5. Interview and salary

Which interview questions you can expect?

How to practice pitch for your job interview?

How to negotiate your salary and benefits?

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Consultation CV

Your CV for Austria

“The average time spent on reading a CV is just 6 seconds”

– Forbes

Is your CV and cover letter customised for Austrian employers?

Is your CV customised for the industry, company and job role you are applying for?

Is it structured for HR systems and search databases?

Does it stand out from the crowd and sell you?

Just 30 minutes can save you 30 days in your job search.

The job market is competitive, many jobs are never advertised and it takes more than just emailing CV’s or filling online forms.

> Save time by learning how search in the right place and apply the right way

> Improve your presentation with insights, feedback and advice from professionals

> Increase your chances of success by finding out what employers look for

> Get more interviews by connecting with the right employers based on your language skills and international experience.

What Austrian employers look for in your CV and Cover Letter? Have you included the right information?

Get an insight into the hiring process, how to present your experience and profile yourself for different types of jobs.

Work 1-on-1 with a professional to create a clear, concise and well structured CV presentation for Austrian employers.

What you will learn:

What Austrian employers are looking for in your CV?

Have you included the right information?

Get an insight into the hiring process

How to profile yourself for different types of jobs.

How to write a well structured presentation?

Get help from a recruiter to:

1. Plan and customise your application documents’ content for Austrian employers, different industries and job titels

2. Present your experience,

demonstrate your credibility and

quantify your performance and experience,

use references and brands

3. Profile your skills

highlight transferable skills and qualifications

strengthen areas of weakness and demonstrate soft skills

4. Structure your information,

optimise it for keywords, databases and web forms

use LinkedIn to support your CV

create a supporting online portfolio

tune up your social media profile

5. Style your CV

reduce clutter and make it user friendly

make it aesthetically appealing

maximise readability

Let’s have a conversation! Book a meeting.

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