Where can I study or work well in Vienna: The best libraries, parks, and cafes for studying or working

In this article, you will learn what are the best places to study in Vienna. We are introducing here not only libraries but also alternatives such as parks and cafes. You can choose the right place for you according to your preferences and we hope you will be productive there and successful with your exams, writing thesis, or projects you are working on.

Maybe you live in a dormitory or a shared apartment, and you have faced challenges and difficulties concentrating there. Since most apartments in Vienna lack air conditioning, it is too hot in your apartment during the summertime, so you are looking for a place to study with a pleasant temperature. Perhaps you just feel bored studying alone at home and would like to meet new people during your breaks.

If any of the above-mentioned situations apply to you, then you should look for a study place in the city. Each of the listed libraries is provided with a brief introduction, information about their equipment, and a list of pros and cons. 

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Each library is described briefly, with information about their equipment and a list of pros and cons. 

Several general points are listed here.

In most libraries, cloakroom requirements apply, which means that you must lock any bags and clothing you have brought with you in a locker before entering the reading room. 

That might be a bit of time-wasting if you want to study for a short period in this library. Therefore, we are considering it as an advantage if the library doesn’t have a cloakroom requirement.

Opening times: To save you a war of numbers in this article, we have not shown the opening times for the libraries directly in the text – they are always just one click behind the link to the online presence of the respective library. 

University libraries are usually closed on Sundays. Please note that almost all university libraries have shortened opening hours during the holidays. 

The modern: Library of the University of Economics and Business (WU) or so-called “spaceship”

Welthandelspl. 1, 1020 Wien

One of my favorite places to study or meet for group work is the WU campus. 

There are six floors in the library, and as soon as you enter the building, you will notice the futuristic architecture.

Even the stairs inside the library are crooked, so you feel like you’re drunk when you go down. 

On-campus there are many restaurants and a Spar supermarket. 

You get the library card for free if you are a student at a WU University.

Monday through Friday, starting at 9 a.m., you can get your ID. to 4 p.m. 

The reading room in the learning center of the new business university is advertised as the most modern and best reading room in Vienna, but WU always ensures that only its “own” students can use its benefits. 

The students from other universities and non-students are required to obtain an ID, and the fee is 5 euros for four months and 15 euros for one year. The necessary documents to obtain WU library ID are your ID and residence registration document (Meldezettel).

The WU campus is great in terms of supply such as a cafeteria, cafes, and supermarket.

Equipment: WLAN (only for students), air conditioning, different project and group workrooms, PC rooms, scanners, comfort zones, in-house café

Pro: very modern, air conditioning, free for WU students and very cheap if you are not, Quiet, lots of space, state-of-the-art equipment, great availability of economic books on the spot

Cons: Non-WU students have to get an ID (bring your registration slip!), No table lamps, no photocopiers

The classic: Main library of the University of Vienna

Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna

Vienna’s main library is the classic among all libraries.

Green banker lamps frame the long tables and give a nice old ambiance.

You can study here surrounded by books until late evening.

Equipment: WLAN, copier, scanner, coffee machine

Pros: Long opening hours (9 a.m. to 10 p.m.), great location in the city center, water bottles allowed, lots of literature on site

Cons: Well attended and often hard to find a place, no separate workplaces

The noble: National Library 

Josefsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna

Directly on Heldenplatz is the National Library. 

Tickets cost €3 per day for this library.

The annual pass costs € 10 and is highly recommended. 

We recommend that you always have a € 2 coin available when you go to this library since you need it for the lockers. 

It may be possible to find a study space in the large reading room, but many students are unaware there is more space in the basement. 

The reading room is pumped with fresh oxygen every half hour. 

You have 45 minutes to take a break, after which someone else can take your place. 

Equipment: WiFi, copier, air conditioning, comfort zone

Pros: Very quiet, nice ambiance, fresh oxygen, lots of literature on-site, open on Sundays

Cons: not free of charge, occupying space not possible, apart from canteen nothing nearby, crowded at peak times

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Library of Vienna University of Technology

Resselgasse 4, 1040 Vienna

There is a large library in which you can study undisturbed in small study plots.

The study areas in the library for technicians and architects are a little more relaxed.

There are five floors in the library, and the desks have partition walls and are extraordinarily spacious.

Furthermore, every seat has a power connection, and there is free WiFi for non-TU users as well. A great location is another plus. Karlsplatz is the location of the TU Library.

You can easily reach every corner of Vienna from here. 

Students who are eager to learn can also visit the library on Saturdays.

There is no restaurant within a University, however, there are numerous restaurants nearby.

We recommend always have one or two euro coins to lock the boxes for bags. Absent participants lose their places if they are gone longer than the allowable period.

Normal opening hours

Mon – Fri 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Sat – Sun 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Pros: Great location, free WiFi, spacious desks, nice view, open on Sundays, numerous restaurants and supermarkets, free of charge

Cons: No table lamps, no in-house restaurant 

Vienna Library in the City Hall

Felderstraße 1, 1080 Vienna

Vienna Library is not only one of the three largest academic libraries in Vienna, but it’s also a real insider tip among students.

It is located in the Vienna City Hall. 

Pros: Free of charge, great location in the city center, Lockers and dining options in the foyer

Cons: You can’t borrow books 

The place to learn when it is no longer possible: Student reading room at the AKH (Vienna General Hospital)

Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Vienna

Vienna General Hospital / Level 5C

Opening times: Mon-Sun 9 am-9.30 pm

Very few people know that there is a reading room at the General Hospital in Vienna. 

This reading room is usually full of medical students, so it is better to come here earlier. 

This reading room is almost always open.

Even on public holidays and during the holidays it is opened until 11 p.m.

 It is located directly in the AKH and therefore you can use all the amenities on site: There are various food stalls, a supermarket, and even a Starbucks. This Spar supermarket within AKH is opened even on Sundays.

On level 5C in the huge AKH building, the reading room is hidden between the emergency room, urinary catheters, blood reserves, and the lunar landscape of the largest hospital in Austria.

At exactly nine o’clock the reading room might be full of students. From 7:00 p.m. onwards this reading room might already be pretty empty.

The reading room is officially open until midnight and the caretaker does not even lock the doors during the medical exam week. This place is very popular among medical students although it is not quiet and the learning atmosphere is not the best. 

A window provides daylight, but the view is anything but distracting – the orthopedic waiting room. The internet is only available for Med Uni students.

And if you get hungry, you have several opportunities within the AKH: From pizza, Asian cuisine to bread rolls.

Pros: free, almost always accessible (Sundays and public holidays); Shops and restaurants within the building

Cons: not a good atmosphere and ambiance

The main library on the Gürtel (Urban-Loritz-Platz)

Urban-Loritz-Platz 2a, 1070 Vienna

The great advantage is that all necessary books and other sources are ready to hand on the next shelf.

Bright rooms, walls full of books, and many concentrated minds can be found in Vienna’s main library. Unlike most study places, it’s perfectly fine to talk quietly here. 

As soon as it gets warm, you should take your breaks outside on the large stairs.

This is a popular meeting point which offers a wonderful view of the city. 

There is the café-restaurant called “Oben” on the roof terrace of the library. This restaurant is pretty nice and it is perfect for longer lunch breaks. 

The disadvantage of this library is its opening hours:

During the week from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and on Sundays, the library is closed.

Equipment: reading chairs, couches, copier, WiFi

Pros: No cloakroom requirement, water bottle allowed, great view, lots of work/reading places, good supplies

Cons: Borrowing ID required, opening hours (see above)

Museum of Applied Arts

 Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna

The reading room of the Museum of Applied Arts on the Stubenring is also an old classic one. Unfortunately, it is often used up very quickly.

 In contrast to many university libraries, this is open on Sundays but closes at 6 p.m.

Equipment: WLAN, scanner, copier

Pro: Modern ambiance, bright and quiet, open on Sundays

Cons: no separate workplaces, no supermarkets, and affordable restaurants nearby, water bottles forbidden

Library of the Academy of Fine Arts

Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna

Opening times: Mon-Thu 9.30am-6pm, Fri 9.30am-5pm

The walls of this library are full of thick tomes and the ceiling is decorated with beautiful frescoes. 

Perhaps the most beautiful library in town and a real insider tip for all dog owners because your dog is also welcomed in this library. 

For everyone else, the comfortable sofa and the prospect of an afternoon nap, as well as the super-relaxed staff, should be reason enough to visit this library. Also, there is almost always a free space here.

The alternative: Law library of the University of Vienna in the 1st district

Schottenbastei 10-16, 1010 Vienna

10 a.m. – 4 p.m. , 1010 Vienna Opening times: Mon-Fri: 9 a.m. – 9.45 p.m.

This library is usually very quiet that you are almost afraid to drop a pin.

Didn’t find a place in the library of the University of Vienna?

 Nearby is this wonderful learning opportunity for which you don’t even need an ID.

Four libraries (9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.) and 2 reading rooms (7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., also on Saturdays) are spread over six floors. 

If you need a real break there are plenty of different restaurants and cafes near Juridicum.

If you need fresh air, both the Börseplatz park and the Votivepark are nearby.

Tip: You should also come here as early as possible, otherwise all seats are gone

Also great: You can take food and drink with you to the library and you don’t have to leave your things in the locker. 


1. The popular one: The Votivpark 1090 Vienna

Directly in front of the Votive Church is the Votivpark – a small, beautiful green area that students like to use for learning. 

The University of Vienna is also just around the corner. There are a lot of nice cafes and restaurants as well as supermarkets around.

2. The Volksgarten 1010 Vienna

The Volksgarten is one of the most famous parks in Vienna.

Whether for a walk, gossiping with friends, or studying, these green spaces are always well attended. There are plenty of shady and sunny spots in the almost 5-hectare site with lots of roses.

3. The cozy one: Burggarten 1010 Vienna

The Burggarten is very close to the Volksgarten. 

This learning opportunity offers many shady spots so that you can study in peace.

 A highlight is a small pond with ducks in the middle of the park.

4. The historical one: The Türkenschanzpark

1180 Vienna

While studying here you can enjoy the park with the large green areas and the beautiful pond.



For group work and couples studying together

Café Bierbeisl Einstein

Rathausplatz 4, 1010 Vienna

Tool H

Schönbrunner Strasse 61, 1050 Vienna

The tool H in the 5th is one of the coziest bars in Vienna. 

Here you can work in peace during the day because the booth usually doesn’t get full until the evening. 

The WiFi works great and there are also sockets well distributed here. 

There is a daily menu and warm dishes even until 10 p.m. – perfect for long nights.

The furniture 

Burggasse 10, 1070 Vienna

The furniture is one of the coziest places in Vienna. 

You can buy almost all the furniture here. In addition to studying, you can also redecorate your apartment right away. 

There are huge tables in the furniture that offer plenty of space for group work.

 Sockets are also generously spaced and the WiFi is fast. For strengthening, there is spicy ginger punch, fresh juices, or strong espresso.  

Coffee Pirates

Spitalgasse 17, 1090 Vienna

The large, bright tables and the proximity to the campus are, besides the really good coffee, the main reason for the productive vibe. 

There is a lot of tapping on the keyboard or a focused staring into the script.

 If you are lucky enough to find a good seating area, this is the ideal place to discuss group work. 

Can you concentrate best in the hustle and bustle around you? 

Then you are in good hands here too. Cakes and sandwiches help with falling blood sugar.


Gumpendorferstrasse 10-12, 1060 Vienna

The Phil is the classic among Viennese learner coffees. 

The many books that you can buy here convey a learning feeling as soon as you walk in.

 Here, too, you can buy almost all pieces of furniture, which is why there is always something new to examine.

 The Phil is well attended and very loud, especially in the evening, which is why it is best to come here during the day.

 The tables in the upper area are large and therefore suitable for group work.  

For people who want to study or work alone

Blue orange 

Margaretenstrasse 9, 1040 Vienna and Alserbachstrasse 1, 1090 Vienna

At least every other table in the Blueorange has a working person with his laptop and enjoys the relaxed and calm but at the same time very concentrated atmosphere.

 The coffee is super good and there is also brain food here: cool bagels, such as the roast beef bagel with salad, horseradish cream cheese, and cucumber or various flatbreads.

 The WiFi works great and there are sockets on every corner. So it’s perfect as an alternative to your desk.

Jonas Reindl

Währinger Strasse 2-4, 1090 Vienna

You will meet like-minded people here, at least if you are lucky, and get a place.

 If you get hold of one, it’s best not to get up again.

 If you have difficulty concentrating, the super good coffee and healthy brain food help.

 Always good when the weather is nice: Drink your coffee, wrapped up warm, on the small tables in front of the restaurant – the sun shines here in the afternoon!

Cafe Europa

Zollergasse 8, 1070 Vienna

Café Europa is a popular meeting place for students. 

If you sit at a table right by the window front, you can quietly observe the people on the street while studying.

If you sit longer, you can order warm dishes here until four in the morning. 

A lot is going on at the weekend, so come here during the week.

Cafe espresso 

Burggasse 57, 1070 Vienna

Café Espresso is very lively in the evening, but a good place to study alone during the day.

 The WiFi is good here, but there are hardly any sockets – so you should fully charge your battery in advance or take books and notes with you. 

As the name suggests, there is good coffee here and a changing menu every weekday.

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