What to study in Austria: Are STEM study programs a guarantee for a successful career in Austria?

The STEM study programs are often recommended to young people, especially foreigners if they want to stay in Austria and to have a successful career and be well-paid paid. Let’s look closer at the benefits of studying STEM and whether this is a recipe for a successful career in Austria.

STEM (MINT) stands for what?

STEM (MINT) stands for mathematics, informatics, natural science, and technology. To have a well-paying job one day, it is recommended that you choose a course in one of these directions. It is even more recommended if you are from a non-EU country and you need a work permit to work in Austria.

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Is a STEM study program the best choice for you to find a job and to stay in Austria after graduation?

Yes, there is an enormous shortage of skilled workers in STEM professions because these professions require extensive education and not many Austrians are studying STEM. For example, Austrian companies are lacking more than 24,000 IT specialists in 2021 and this is a huge problem for the Austrian economy. There is a shortage in STEM professions despite the Corona crisis and higher unemployment.

The high demand for STEM professions will also continue in the future.

Austrian authorities made immigration rules and laws the most flexible and easiest for STEM professionals, especially for those who graduated in Austria. Therefore, there is no doubt that the STEM study program is the best choice if your primary goal is to stay and work in Austria after your graduation.

Then what are the requirements and what can you expect from a STEM study program?

Conditions that are favorable for STEM students

At the University of Vienna, more students choose a study program other than STEM. This results in small class sizes, close contact between students, and less overcrowding in lecture halls.
There are also top international researchers and professors and there is a direct connection with the scientists.

What else would you like? 🙂

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The STEM study programs as a formula for success

Scientific and technical education is a great advantage in our modern and digitized society. Technology is influencing our daily lives in more and more ways.
Many new job opportunities are opening up for young people on the job market as a result of technological advancements and digitization, in particular.

Many young people choose not to study STEM (apparently) although applying to a STEM study program is a route to a promising future.

The sciences, mathematics, and computer fields are not for everyone.

To prepare for the difficult exams, you should be passionate about the subject and be prepared to study and put in the time to do well! Students often underestimate the study program and its difficulty and then give up on their studies.
But if you get through it, you can also enjoy the benefits later, because students with a degree in one of the STEM subjects are particularly demanded on the job market.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that everything is not black and white.

It does not mean you will get a well-paying job just because you have a degree in a STEM field. Several factors play a role, such as the economic situation and your commitment.

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Trust your instincts

Even if you weren’t the best at math, don’t let that stop you from pursuing your dream study.

You should expect mathematics in your STEM study program, but you can pass these exams if you are willing to put in enough effort.

But what if you don’t have a passion for one of the STEM subjects?

Those who decide to study the humanities or social sciences are frequently ridiculed.
“What do you want to do with it?”
This is a question that is asked often enough.
However, there is no need to justify anything!

Pick a career path based on what interests you.
Although you may not know exactly which profession you wish to pursue one day, maybe you have goals or milestones that you wish to achieve in your life?
As soon as you start visualizing it, you will unconsciously begin to work towards it!
Don’t let others influence or irritate you. It always depends on how you use your options.
Some people who study sociology might want to work as journalists, while others might want to be researchers.

The sheet is not black and white, as you can see.

Not sure what you want to study?

Then take a look at our job advertisements and try out different jobs!
Work experience is always in demand, regardless of whether it’s a part-time or holiday job.

AustrianCareer.at wishes you the best of luck in your future!

Don’t forget that you are the only one who knows what’s right for you! 🙂

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