What Is the Salary of Software Engineer in Austria?

Software Engineers are very demanded and one of the best-paid professionals in Austria. Apart from a high salary, software engineers are enjoying also many other non-financial benefits because employers have to be very flexible and generous in order to acquire good candidates. Before you decide to search for your next professional challenge it is good to know how much money you can make as a software engineer in Austria.

Full-time software developer in Austria earns the following gross annual salary:

  • Junior: 40,000 EUR on average, salary range is 35,000 -45,000 EUR
  • Professional (3+ years of experience): 56,000 EUR on average 
  • Senior (5+ years of experience): 60,000 – 100,000 EUR
  • Divisional manager in small and medium-sized companies: 70,000 – 100,000 EUR
  • Divisional managers in large corporations: 100,000 – 150,000 plus bonuses

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What is Software Engineer Net Salary (after Taxes) in Austria?

For example annual gross salary of 40,000 EUR equals 28,083 EUR net salary (After Taxes and social security payments) in Austria. If you are earning a 60,000 EUR gross salary you will receive 38,664 EUR net salary. 

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Salary Factors: Degree, Practical Experience, Industry, Company Size, Location

Software engineers are among the few occupational groups where those candidates who completed higher education and non-academics in the same age group earn the same salaries according to DerStandard. One group has extensive practical work experience, other a better education. Academics are only preferred for management positions. Basically, the higher the degree, the higher the starting salary. For example, Bachelor graduates with two years of professional experience also earn as much as Master graduates without professional experience.

How it then behaves, however, depends on the goals of each individual: How does the person want to develop? Would you like to become an expert or would you prefer to be a manager? As a specialist without management responsibility, you can expect an annual gross salary of approx. 70-80,000 euros. The salary of a generalist with managerial responsibility is, in turn, largely dependent on the size of the team and the amount of the budget. Divisional managers can earn between 70,000 and 100,000 gross per year in small and medium-sized companies. While the law of the market prevails elsewhere (i.e. salaries are rising), SMEs, for example, simply don’t want to pay more for IT specialists than they do for the big boss himself according to Presse. In large corporations, the gross salary range for these positions is between 100,000 and 150,000 plus bonuses.

FH Technikum is advising that the optimal career path is to develop professional skills in the first five to ten years in the job and acquire specialist knowledge in various areas of application From your early to mid-thirties you should spread the competence profile and become a specialist in a field. After this, you can concentrate on the generalist role again.

A doctorate pays off especially for those who want to stay in teaching or to work in research and development.

While the type of degree still has an influence on the level of the starting salary, the type of university doesn’t make a difference for companies when it comes to salary. Graduates from technical colleges and universities are rated equally, what counts are a level of knowledge, social skills, and professional experience including internships.

Another important factor is the industry of the company. The top-paid industries for software engineers in Austria are banks and finance industry, medical technology, and the pharmaceutical industry.

The location also plays a role as well when it comes to your salary. The highest salary you can expect in the big cities: Vienna comes first, closely followed by Graz, Linz, and Salzburg. Many corporations are based here and promise high salaries and excellent training opportunities.

There is a huge demand for IT professionals in Austria and almost a quarter of IT jobs cannot be filled according to DerStandard. The big advantage for international candidates is that there are plenty of English-speaking jobs for Software Engineers in Austria. Apart from good high salaries, software engineers in Austria have a good work-life balance and good working conditions such as working hours, sick, holiday and maternity leave, and others.

If you are applying for a job in Austria from a non-EU country check our tips and strategies. And don’t forget to adapt your CV for the Austrian job market.

We wish you luck with your job search!

Author: Sofia Ivanov is a blogger at AustrianCareer.at. She holds a MA in international business and also contributes photography to AustrianCareer.at.

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