What is a good salary in Austria?

A job’s salary is one of the most important factors to consider. Austrians are still reluctant to talk about salaries. Employees are unsettled by this. In jobs ads you can see only the minimum salary for this position according to collective agreement but this differs from actual salary. In this article you will learn what is a good salary as well as what is a minimum, average and high salary in Austria which should be your general orientation.

What is a good salary in Austria? What is a good salary in Vienna?

The good salary in Austria and in Vienna is every salary which is higher than 52.000 EUR gross yearly (status 2021). 52.000 EUR is 34.517 EUR net yearly salary or 2.876 net monthy salary (including all 14 salaries).

Executives in top management earn more than twice as much as employees without personnel responsibility in Austria (Kurier).

As far as salaries are concerned, doctors earn the most (79.000 euros), followed by managers (73.000 euros), financial advisors or controllers (72.250 euros), and lawyers (63.650 euros). The top five sectors ranked according to salaries are: banks (64.250 euros), consumer goods and durables (63.600 euros), chemical and petroleum processing (62.800 euros), and pharmaceuticals (62.500 euros). This is shown by the StepStone Salary Report 2021, for which the online job platform evaluated the salaries of around 14.000 employees in Austria.

It pays off to have an academic degree in Austria.

The employees with university degree earn on average 34% more than those who didn’t study.

Large corporations are definitely paying better than startups.

The average annual salary for employers with a staff of less than 50 is 47,000 euros. Employees who work for a company with more than 5,000 employees can expect to earn around 12,500 euros more annually. 

The Austrian federal states with highest salaries are Vienna and Vorarlberg. However, it should be noted that the living costs are lower in Vienna.

What is the minimum salary in Austria?

The minimum salary in Austria is 10.09 EUR gross per hour or 1.500 EUR gross per month which is 21.000 EUR gross salary yearly (since there are 14 monthly salaries in Austria).

The minimum net salary in Austria is 1.443 EUR per month or 17.320 per year, when you convert gross salary into net salary.

The subject of the minimum wage in Austria will also be regulated in August 2021 by the so-called collective agreements (source: 123people). Almost all employee contracts in Austria are subject of collective agreements which means that every company has to pay at least the above stated minimum salary and every salary which would be lower than a minimum salary will be illegal.

When it comes to internship there is no minimum salary which means that your intern salary could potentially be lower than the minimum salary in Austria.

Statutory minimum wages per hour in Europe as of January 2020.

EU CountriesMinimum hourly wage
Luxembourg12,38 EUR
France10,15 EUR
Netherlands10,14 EUR
Ireland9,80 EUR
Belgium9,66 EUR
Great Britain9,35 EUR
Germany9,35 EUR
Spain5,76 EUR
Slovenia5,44 EUR
Greece3,76 EUR
Slovakia3,33 EUR
Czech Republic3,40 EUR
Croatia3,17 EUR
Hungary2,85 EUR
Romania2,81 EUR
Bulgaria1,87 EUR
Source: 123people

According to table above you can conclude that Austria among top countries when it comes to minimal wages in Europe.

What is the average salary in Austria?

The average gross salary per year is 52.000 EUR in Austria which is 34.517 EUR net yearly salary or 2.876 net monthy salary (including all 14 salaries). Compared to the previous year, that’s around 8,000 euros more: in 2020, the average gross salary was around 44,000 euros annually (source Stepstone).

What is a high salary in Austria?

The high salary in Austria is starting from 100.000 EUR gross yearly which is 61.109 EUR net yearly salary or 5.092 net monthly salary. Apart from university degree and many years of experience, in most cases earning this salary require that you have personal responsibility, meaning that you are leading and managing a team of people. Earning this salary without having a personal responsibility but you have to be a real expert in your field with more than 10 years of professional working experience.

The top management in banking & finance, IT, pharmacy, oil industry and medical doctors with their own practice are earning more than 300,000 EUR gross yearly.

How is salary paid in Austria?

The salary in Austria is paid every month, usually at latest by 5th of every month.

Every employee in Austria is receiving 14 salaries during the calendar year. 13th and 14th salary in Austria are special payments which employees are receiving. 13th salary is known as holiday allowance whereas 14th salary is called Christmas bonus. Every of these two special payments represents the same amount as your gross monthly salary. The only difference is that they are differently treated when it comes to taxation in comparison to your normal monthly salary, meaning that you are paying less taxes on these special payments.

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