What are the good and bad neighborhoods of Hamburg?

You are planning to move to Hamburg or just to stay for a few days. You are thinking about where in Hamburg you should live or stay? In this article, you will learn what are good neighborhoods of Hamburg and the bad ones which you should rather avoid. You will also be informed what are the best parts of Hamburg to stay or to live in and how safe Hamburg is, especially at the night. 

The districts in the north of Hamburg are generally the good ones. The map below illustrates how good are districts in Hamburg for living according to the study from Loftville.

Green – Citizens of Hamburg like to live in these districts

Red – Citizens of Hamburg don’t want to live in these districts at all.

Blue – There are different opinions about these districts.

Source: loftville.com

What are bad neighborhoods or no-go areas in Hamburg?

The bad neighborhods of Hamburg are:

  • Wilhelmsburg
  • Hamburg-Mitte
  • Billstedt
  • Steilshoop
  • Altona
  • Eimsbüttel

The above-listed neighborhoods are characterized by a high level of crime. The common types of crime in Hamburg are break-ins, drug dealing, thefts, homicides, sex robberies. The most of crime happens in these areas since they are close to the largest train stations, red-light districts and they attract the most tourists.

There are no real no-go areas in Hamburg where you would fear for life at any time.

The most dangerous places and corners of Hamburg are:

  • St. Georg (by far the most dangerous place in Hamburg)
  • St. Pauli
  • Billstedt
  • Reeperbahn
  • Hamburg main train station (Hamburger Hauptbahnhof)

We highly recommend to be very careful with your belongings at these places and take with yourself only the things you need. Don’t go to these places alone and especially not during the night.

No-go areas in Hamburg you should understand as these in which you would rather take a taxi late at night than walk alone. 

What are good neighborhoods in Hamburg? Where should I live in Hamburg?

The best districts in Hamburg for a living are:

  • Winterhude
  • Eppendorf.

Good districts of Hamburg are:

  • Winterhude
  • Eimsbüttel
  • Eppendorf
  • Barmbek
  • Wandsbek
  • Uhlenhorst on the Alster

The safest places in Hamburg are:

  • Gut Moor
  • Retbrook
  • Spadenland
  • Francoop
  • Cranz
  • Tatenberg
  • Altergamme 
  • Moorburg 
  • Neuengamme

Source: Focus

Where should I stay in Hamburg?

The best districts to stay in Hamburg are Barmbek and Wandsbek. Both districts are relatively close to the city center, these are quiet residential areas with a low crime rate, and accommodation prices in these areas are affordable.

Is Hamburg a safe city?

Yes, Hamburg is a safe city however there is a lot of crime in bad neighborhoods (read above). Hamburg has over 200.000 criminal delicts per year which is much lower in comparison to the capital Berlin is recording around 500.000 per year.

Is Hamburg safe at night?

Yes, Hamburg is safe at night. However, bad districts and places in Hamburg are dangerous at night (read above). This means you should not go alone at the night in these bad areas with a high level of crime. Especially dangerous are big train stations in Hamburg which should be avoided at the night.

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