Sick, holiday & maternity leave in Austria

The employees in Austria have the privilege to enjoy one of the most generous holiday entitlements in the world. The holiday entitlements including public holidays for employees in Austria amount to 43 days per year which is great in comparison to most other countries.

Paid vacation and time off

If the employee has been employed for less than 25 years, the vacation entitlement is 25 working days or 5 weeks. If the employee has been employed for more than 25 years, the amount of vacation is 36 working days, which corresponds to 30 working days or 6 weeks. 

Public holidays are not included in the annual leave entitlement. There are 13 public holidays in Austria.

Source: Clockify

Sickness and continued remuneration

In the case of sick leave, employees are fully paid for the period between 6 and 16 weeks. The exact period for which the employee is fully paid depends on the length of service (source: WKO). For the further 4 weeks employee is getting 50% of the full salary. Once the sick employees have exhausted the statutory sick pay they are receiving a certain amount of money from the social insurance system. 

The mother protection period, maternity (parental) leave, and childcare allowance

The protection period or so-called Mutterschutz for pregnant employees normally begins eight weeks before birth and ends eight weeks thereafter. During this period there is absolute employment prohibition and the mother receives a maternity allowance (Wochengeld) which represents the average salary during the last 13 weeks.

Since 2008, also freelance contractors receive maternity allowance.

After the mother protection period, parental leave begins and it ends at the latest when the child is 24 months old.

During parental leave, the mother (parents) can opt for one of two models: A child care allowance account or a childcare allowance based on previous income.

According to the first model mother (parent) is receiving EUR 12,366,20 in total or EUR 33,88 per day for 365 days and after this period child allowance is decreasing up to 14.53 euros if it is used up to 24 months.

The second model is based on income, which means that the mother (parent) is getting 80 percent of last earnings, a maximum of 66 euros daily and the maximum could be around 2,000 euros per month (Source: Frauen-Familie-Jugend). If both parents receive childcare allowance, the period of payment is extended by 61 days (source: Arbeitskammer).

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