Is Frankfurt a dangerous city? What are the good and bad neighborhoods in Frankfurt?

You decided to move to Frankfurt or just to visit this powerful city for a few days. Then, you must be wondering where you should live or stay in Frankfurt? Learn what are the best neighborhoods in Frankfurt as well as the ones you should avoid in this article. Besides, you will learn how dangerous Frankfurt is and you will be informed about other related questions.

Frankfurt is one of the most powerful cities in Germany and a symbol for money and banks. However, Frankfurt is the most dangerous city in Germany. In the bad neighborhoods of Frankfurt, there is violence and crime all day long. 

Is Frankfurt a dangerous city? Is Frankfurt a safe city?

No, Frankfurt is not a dangerous city. Frankfurt is safe for all populations. A large majority of Frankfurt citizens feel safe, but only as long as it is light outside. This is shown regularly by the results of the Frankfurt citizens’ survey according to the FR.

Frankfurt is the top city in Germany when it comes to crime. However, it is important to understand some of the important reasons behind it. The Frankfurt airport is one of the largest in the world which is related to a big amount of smuggling criminal cases. Also, Frankfurt is one of the top financial centers in the world and financial crime is included in the police’s crime statistics.

A high level of crime is present in bad neighborhoods of Frankfurt which is spreading fear. Bad neighborhoods of Frankfurt (below listed) should be avoided especially at the night.

Is Frankfurt dangerous at night? Is Frankfurt safe at night?

Yes, Frankfurt is dangerous at night and especially for women. You should avoid the bad neighborhoods of Frankfurt (listed below) at the night. When it comes to the rest of the city we would recommend taking a taxi instead of walking or using public transportation at the night.

How many districts are in Frankfurt?

There are 46 districts in Frankfurt. Here you can find the full list with the population and other important figures. 

What are bad neighborhoods or no-go areas in Frankfurt?

These are bad neighborhoods of Frankfurt or the most dangerous areas according to the criminal statistics:

  • Bahnhofsviertel 

This is the district which has been named according to the main train station (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof) and this is one of the most dangerous districts in Frankfurt. The area around the main train station is well known for drugs dealing, prostitution, and violence.

  • Alt-Sachsenhausen (Old Sachsenhausen)

This street is most famous for nightlife and parties. Every weekend thousands of tourists come to party here. Since it is overcrowded on weekend there is a lot of drug dealers and thieves. At night emergency cars are always in action because of many drunk people and drug overdoses. Avoid Alt-Sachsenhausen on weekends during the night.

  • Line
  • Sossenheim
  • Northwest City
  • Gallus
  • Gutleut 
  • Griesheim 
  • Nied
  • Höchst 
  • Ben Gurion Ring
  • Frankfurter Berg
  • Bockenheimer Warte
  • Bonames
  • Frankfurt City forest

Note that the No-go area means the following: These are areas that you don’t dare to enter at any time of the day because you have to fear for life and limb. There are no such areas in Frankfurt. 

The above-listed areas and places are those with the highest level of crime and as such these should be avoided especially at the night. If you go to these areas during the day make sure that you go with some other people together and be very careful, especially with your belongings.

What are good neighborhoods in Frankfurt? Where should I live in Frankfurt?

Nordend 19 EUR/m2 (renting price for apartments in 2021) 

This is one of the most popular areas for living in Frankfurt, people prefer this area because of its beautiful architecture and parks. It provides everything you need for good living and it is very close to the city center. Nordend is also very popular among young people because of its many nice bars. The only disadvantage is that it is difficult to find a parking spot in this area.

Bockenheim 18 EUR/m2

Westend 18 EUR/m2

Ostend 19 EUR/m2

Riedberg 18 EUR/m2

Niederrad 14 EUR/m2 

Bergen-Enkheim 14 EUR/m2

Where should I stay in Frankfurt?

These are the best districts in Frankfurt to stay in:

Zentrum-Altstadt (City center – Old city)

  • There are many sightseeings and the main shopping street
  • Great connection and proximity to other districts worth visiting in Frankfurt
  • The various kind of accommodation
  • Proximity to nightclubs and bars


  • One of the best districts in Frankfurt, quiet and with the low crime rate
  • Great connection to other parts of the city with public transportation
  • Big offer of accommodation for everyone’s budget
  • The best district if you are visiting the Frankfurt’s fair


  • Very quiet district with low crime rates, popular among families
  • Beautiful architecture and great shopping possibilities
  • Great connection to other parts of the city with public transportation

Where do the rich live in Frankfurt?

The rich people live in Lerchesberg in Frankfurt. Lerchesberg is a residential area of Frankfurt located on the hill.

Which districts in Frankfurt are the most expensive?

  • Frankfurter Altstadt
  • Westend-Nord
  • Westend-Süd
  • Gutleutviertel

In these four districts buying prices for new apartments are starting from 10,000 EUR per square meter.

Is Frankfurt good for ex-pats?

Yes, Frankfurt is good for ex-pats. Frankfurt is the city with the highest portion of ex-pats. There are more foreigners than natives in Frankfurt. This city is expat-friendly and offers the atmosphere which ex-pats are looking for since it is open-minded, multicultural, and multilingual. 

Frankfurt is a symbol of money and power. It is the financial center of Germany and one of the biggest financial centers in the world. Frankfurt is attractive for ex-pats because it offers a lot of job opportunities.

Is Frankfurt family-friendly?

Yes, Frankfurt is family-friendly. Frankfurt is offering a wide range of kindergartens, playgrounds, and events to meet other parents. There are good schools and children’s libraries in Frankfurt. It is very multicultural and friendly for ex-pat families.

Where do families live in Frankfurt?

Families live in the following districts of Frankfurt: 

  • Nordend,
  • Westend,
  • Bornheim,
  • Bockenheim,
  • Ostend,
  • Riedberg.

Most families in Frankfurt tend to avoid the city center and tall buildings because this part of the city is not that family-friendly, there are too many tourists and the crime is high. 

Is Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof safe?

No, Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof is not safe. It is well-known as a crime hotspot in Frankfurt. There is a lot of drug dealers and prostitutes. During the day you can go there but take care of your belongings. It is dangerous to go there at the night.

Does Frankfurt have a red light district?

Yes, Frankfurt has a red light district and this is located in Bahnhofsviertel.

Red District in Frankfurt

What is the difference between Frankfurt Main and Frankfurt HBF?

The difference between these two names is that Frankfurt Main states for the Frankfurt city (Frankfurt am Main) wheres Frankfurt HBF is an abbreviation which states for Frankfurt main train station (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof).

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