How to Save Money in Austria

Saving money is a very important topic for every ex-pat in Austria. To save money you would need to make some changes in your lifestyle and your spending habits. Find out how to save money in Austria without eating out less or shopping less in this article. Here are a few saving tips in Austria that should help you save as much as possible. Compared to the potential savings, these saving tips are all relatively easy to implement.

1. Choose A Fee-Free Bank Account

You can easily save up to 150 EUR a year when choosing a digital bank instead of a traditional bank. By choosing a digital bank account you are having the same service as with traditional banks but free of charge. You can also use the ATMs of traditional banks for free to get your cash. Our recommendation is the free bank account of N26 bank since it is available in English.  

2. Choose Your Supermarkets Wisely and buy products with close expiring date

Choosing the discounter supermarket in Austria can save you at least 150 EUR per month when buying groceries for 2 persons. The best choice is a discounter supermarket Hofer. The Hofer is also offering high-quality and bioproducts at a very affordable price.

Yogurt now only costs half because the best before date will be reached soon? This is a great opportunity to save money on shopping! If you need a snack for your coffee break, don’t forget to take it with you the following day. It won’t be noticeable in terms of quality. The same is true for a lot of other foods, including sausages, meat, and cheese. Stacks of goods are generally found on lower shelves. When shopping, always keep an eye out for bargains!

3. Reduce your electricity, insurances, Internet and mobile phone costs by changing provider

Changing electricity providers is an easy way to reduce annual electricity costs. A change of provider can be particularly worthwhile here if you have never changed your electricity provider. Depending on your consumption you can potentially save between 100 EUR and 400 EUR per year just by changing your electricity provider. The changing process can be completed easily online. For finding the cheapest electricity provider in Austria we recommend the website called Durchblicker

When you have taken out insurance, you are usually glad that you no longer have to deal with the subject. However, there is also potential for savings in insurance. Only by changing your car insurance provider, you can save up to 700 euros in Austria. In addition, household insurance is also worth comparing. To uncover possible under- or over-insurance, a policy check is especially recommended for household insurance. Durcblicker will help you with finding the cheapest insurance provider. 

It is not surprising that there are so many options on the market for telecommunications services with unlimited access to the Internet, high-speed Internet connections, and HD television services with the greatest number of channels possible. You can easily compare providers online and find the best offers for Internet, mobile phones, etc. in just a few minutes at Durchblicker

4. Decide Whether You Want To Pay Church Tax

In Austria, if you consider yourself religious or a member of a church, you will be subject to church tax of 1.1% of your gross income. In our detailed guide to church tax, we explain who pays it, how you can avoid it, and what you should look out for when leaving the church. 

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5. Benefit From Student & Employee Discounts 

You can get student discounts almost anywhere if you are a student in Austria. So make it a habit of asking or looking for so-called Studententarife or Studentenrabatt before purchasing something. The most common services or places where you can save money as a student in Austria are bank accounts, internet, and mobile providers, public transport, health insurance, cultural events, gyms, and many more. 

Employers may also benefit from employee discounts (Mitarbeiterrabatte) if their company joins a benefits portal like Corporate Benefits. If your company is part of such a portal, make sure to ask your manager or colleagues whether you can utilize these benefits. I know from experience that it is easy to forget when you are focused on buying something that you should check the portal before your next online shopping since you might get a sweet discount.

6. Use tap water instead of mineral water

Austria’s tap water is of such high quality that it can be drunk without hesitation. You should only ask the landlord or property manager about copper pipes in older homes. Here, you save money on every glass of water compared to buying mineral water.

7. Get a library card

Would you like to read, but rarely have the money to purchase the latest bestsellers? No problem, your local library offers a variety of books, newspapers, magazines, DVDs, and CDs for a small annual fee. Again, it’s a great way to save money! Libraries with a wide selection are now available in smaller towns, so there should be something for everyone. Check out the Library City of Vienna.

8. Use public transport and your bike

We all know that a car is quite expensive. Here, a budget book can also show you how much your car consumes. Doing something good for your health and riding a bike more frequently is worth it. Be very cautious when riding a bike and wear a helmet. Public transport is also very affordable compared to a car. Vienna is the city with one of the best public transportation in the world and it is very affordable. 

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9. Do you need your TV?

How much do you pay monthly for a TV? Perhaps you also subscribe to Netflix? In both Germany and Austria, broadcasting fees are quite high. Streaming services, on the other hand, are extremely cheap if you share an account. In the media libraries of broadcasters, many films and series can also be found online, usually free of charge.

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10. Do A Tax Return Every Year

Did you know that you can submit your tax returns retroactively for up to five years? Despite low incomes, it is worth submitting a tax return application each year and collecting bills for work-related expenses. To get the most of your tax returns it is good to ask the tax consulting company for advice.

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