How to find English speaking Job in Austria

Finding a job in Austria as an ex-pat is not easy, especially if you are not speaking German. This is probably one of the most important factors why more people do not migrate to Austria.

The encouraging fact is that there are many English-speaking jobs available in Austria. There are on average between 400 and 600 English-speaking jobs available on our platform at every moment. This number is growing and a positive trend will continue in the future. Several factors positively influence this trend. Firstly, the shortage of qualified professionals in many fields, especially in IT and STEM-related professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The next one is a free movement and residence of workers within the EU, EU enlargement as well a more efficient process for obtaining work and residence permits for qualified third-country nationals. Companies are recognizing the advantage of hiring ex-pats. This brings them an opportunity to find qualified candidates for positions where there is a lack of candidates in the domestic market. Finally, ex-pats are usually willing to accept lower salaries than locals which has a very positive impact on the costs for companies.

You should be aware of the fact that your chances of finding an English-speaking job in Austria depend on many factors. Before you start your job search it is crucial to understand these factors and to have realistic expectations.

The business language in Austria is German unless it is an international company that has foreign partners and customers. If you are looking for a client-facing role such as a customer support job or sales manager job then in most cases fluent German is a requirement. You can also find client-facing jobs where English is sufficient but these jobs are popular among local candidates and the only way to get such a job is to have more professional experience and better qualifications.

You should think rationally. Why should an Austrian company make a job offer to you instead of the local candidate?

What makes you a better qualified and unique candidate?

You should be aware that Austrian employers are not lacking English-speaking recruiters, sales and account managers, or office managers. There is strong competition for these kinds of jobs.

On the other hand, when it comes to professionals in IT, Finance and Engineering the situation is different.
If you are looking for a kind of job for which the competition is strong and you are not bringing little experience and qualifications your chances will be very low.
What is the value you can bring to your potential employer?
Why are you a better candidate than others?

Factor 1: The Seniority Of The Position

This is the most important factor which influences how much is German language knowledge essential.
There is a general rule that as with the higher seniority of position the importance of German is lower.
This rule is most significant in international companies or those which are exporting to foreign markets.

Why is the reason behind this rule?

Firstly, the higher seniority level positions have more interactions with partners who are on their level and who speak fluently English. Also, they usually have more exposure to the international environment and this is especially the situation in multinational companies.
Secondly, people in senior positions have a lot of professional experience and qualifications and this is the most important for employers. Therefore, employers tend to be more flexible to attract such good candidates.
Another factor is that senior management has the advantage of having a secretary or assistant who speaks German as a mother tongue and can finish all tasks which require German.

Factor 2: The Role And The Industry

Like some job types and industries is that the eloquence and language fluency are less important.
If you are working in an international environment in the banking industry, for example within Erste Bank or Raiffeisen Bank International it is less likely that you will have to speak fluent German, it could be even more important to speak fluently some of CEE languages where they are operating.

When it comes to roles, in most cases you won’t need to be fluent in German as a controller or software engineer. On the other hand, if you are working in a client-facing role such as HR, Sales & Marketing, or Customer Support within a company that is dealing with local clients you will have to be fluent in German.
In general, in any position where you are communicating, interacting, or negotiating with local Austrian clients it would be very difficult without speaking fluent German.

Vienna is well known as the home and headquarters of many international organizations. Some of the biggest are United Nations and OSCE. These organizations are very liberal and multicultural. They are always looking for qualified international candidates.

Factor 3: The Size Of The Company

The size of the company is next very important factor. The rule is that large international companies are adopting English as an official language.
Some of Austrian largest companies such as Erste Group or Raiffeisen Bank International are officially English-speaking companies. There is a rule in internal meetings that if there is only one person who is not speaking German then the meeting has to be held in English.

On the other hand, medium-sized and small companies are less likely to offer English-speaking positions. These companies are offering only certain English-speaking jobs in positions that are difficult to be fulfilled such as IT, controlling, or engineering.

Factor 4: Your Experience

If you have more professional working experience it will be easier for you to find an English-speaking job in Austria. On the other hand, if you are a fresh graduate or junior it will be more difficult for you to find an English-speaking position. These are general rules which are true for every industry but the level of their importance is varying from one industry to another.

You should be aware of the situation in the labor market in Austria.
The competition for English-speaking jobs is stronger than for these jobs which are requiring the German language. This is because the pool of qualified candidates for these jobs is much larger. Well qualified international candidates are applying for these jobs. Austria is the country with one of the best living standards in the EU and it is very attractive for other EU citizens. Many citizens are applying for English-speaking positions and they are free to move and to start working in Austria. Therefore, you can conclude that there are much more candidates than English-speaking jobs in Austria. According to the market rules English speaking positions are on average less paid than those for which German is required. However, there are of course exceptions to this rule especially in fields where the shortage of qualified candidates exists.

Finding English speaking Job in Austria – Useful Tipps for Expats

Be in the country

If you already have your Austrian address in your CV this shows that you are a serious job seeker because you already moved to Austria, you have a residence permit and you are ready to start in the short term period.

If you are from a non-EU country maybe it would be a good option to apply for some study program in Austria. In this way you will obtain a student residence permit and you will be able to move and live in Austria legally. As a student, you have a permit to work up to 20 hours per week which will cover your basic living expenses (regardless of the type of job you are doing). Read our full guide on how to earn money as a student in Austria.

Living in Austria will help you a lot to improve your German and to learn much faster up to B1 or B2 level. There is no better and easier way to learn German than if you live in a country where it is an official language and where you can speak and practice every day with people who speak it as a mother tongue language. Once you reach at least B1 or B2 level this will help you a lot to differentiate from candidates.

Read our full tips and strategies for applying for jobs in Austria from the non-EU country.

Get an Austrian mobile number

Apart from your Austrian address, your Austrian mobile number is another important thing which you should put in your CV. This is another sign which shows that you are a serious job seeker because it confirms that you are already living in Austria and ready to start with your new job.

Take a German course

 Although there are many English-speaking positions in Austria it is always good to speak German or at least to show your willingness to learn it. The best way to show it is to be enrolled in a German course.

Add a professional-looking photo to your CV and adapt your CV for the Austrian market

 Many international candidates are making a big mistake by not having a professional-looking photo on the CV. Make sure that you have a high-quality professional photo in your CV to prevent being overlooked by recruiters and hiring managers.

It is important to format and structure your CV for the Austrian job market. Learn what is important in our Austrian CV Guide. Also, you should always try to customize your CV for every specific position by focusing more on explaining the experience and qualifications which are important for this specific job and its requirements.

Have savings

Before you move to Austria secure enough savings. This means that you should have enough money to cover your living expenses for at least three months. However, it is recommendable to have much more savings and to plan the worst-case scenario because you never know how things can change and you can’t predict all factors.
Be aware of the fact that salaries are paid monthly (end of the month) in Austria.

Looking for a job: Check new open positions

Be flexible

If you are willing to accept only a position which is in your niche and which is perfectly matching your profile it will be much more difficult for you to land a job in Austria. Being more flexible and open would significantly increase your chances to get a job and you should go this way if your ultimate goal is to get a job and move to Austria.

Having an opportunity to live and work in Austria, such a wonderful country with one of the highest living standard in the world or even in its capital Vienna as officially one of the best cities to live in the world is even more valuable than finding a job which perfectly matches your profile and your future career aspirations.

The most common English-speaking roles in Austria are in the following fields:
IT, Engineering, Accounting & Controlling, Banking & Finance.

Author: Sofia Ivanov is a blogger at She holds a MA in international business and also contributes photography to


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