How to earn money as a student in Austria


I will explain to you different ways to earn money yourself as a student and which factors you should consider when choosing a part-time job. You will get ideas on how to earn money from classic offline students’ jobs to flexible online options to make money and cover your expenses as a student.

Students are usually chronically financially broke. I know this situation the best from my experience. I came to Vienna to do a master’s degree and took all my savings with me. In the first months, you have a lot of expenses and you can only see how your bank balance is decreasing every day. This makes you scared that soon you will run out of money and you are under pressure to find any kind of job to make some money and finance your life in Vienna. Fortunately, I manage to find my first source of income soon, and with every new job I was progressing and I was closer towards my goal which was completing my studies and finding a full-time job in a field of my studies.

61% of all Austrian students have a job during their studies, 12% can earn their living entirely from the income from their student part-time job. On average, income from student jobs makes up almost half of the total student budget. According to statistics, a student in Austria works 19.9 hours on average while studying. This is quite a lot, especially if you consider that there should still be space for studies and leisure activities. But a part-time job is essential and it doesn’t only secure that you will pay your bills, a well-chosen part-time job can also provide you with valuable practical experience for your later career entry. During your part-time job you can find out what is your interests, how it is to do certain jobs in reality, do you enjoy what are you doing or not, and you are getting in touch with your potential employer and building your network. All these things are very important to successfully land a full-time job after graduation.

A student part-time job is mandatory, even if you get enough money from your parents or other sources. After completing studies when you are looking for your first full-time job, junior position, employers prefer candidates who have already worked during their studies and gained first professional experience in terms of student jobs or internships.

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How do you earn money as a student in Austria?

There are so many ways in which a student can earn money. However, completing your studies should be your priority and your main goal and the little time left to work has to be used wisely. Which criteria you use to choose your part-time job always depends on your situation, but you should keep the following factors in mind:

Future perspective: Does the job have anything to do with that what you are studying or your career ambitions? Can you make important contacts and build your network? Would this job look good on your CV?

Making money as a student doesn’t have to be by doing only unskilled jobs. As a working student, you can contribute knowledge from your studies so that, depending on the subject of your studies, certain part-time jobs make particular sense – for example tutoring for teaching or market research for business studies. 

Earnings: Do you have very little time to work? Your parents cannot or hardly support you? Then the amount of money you could earn should be a main factor for you when choosing a job, regardless of the type of job and whether it is complimentary with your studies or not. 

Flexibility: Your schedule is very tight and it doesn’t allow for a full working day? Then the time flexibility of a possible job decides whether you can do it at all. If you can only work a few hours at a time, tutoring jobs or some online job from home which could fit your schedule would be the best choice.

Can I work as a student in Austria?

The answer is yes. If you have EU citizenship you don’t need a work permit and you don’t have any limitations. However, if you are a student from non-EU countries (except Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) you will need a work permit to work as a student in Austria. Students from third countries (non-EU countries) are allowed to be employed if their job does not affect the primary purpose of their residence in Austria which is studying. This means that you can get a work permit for employment of up to 20 hours per week. The only exceptions are internships and they could be done on a full-time basis up to 40 hours per week if the internship is prescribed for your study program or if it is a summer internship. Firstly, you need to find a job and get an offer from an employer and then you can apply for a work permit as a student.

If you are working online as a freelancer you have to register yourself as self-employed and for this, you have to have EU citizenship or an Austrian residence permit with access to the labor market such as an RWR+ card or EU long-term residence permit (Daueraufenthalt-EU).

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Do Internship in Austria

An internship is one of the best ways to secure your financial survival in Austria and to increase your chances to get a job after graduation. Many students get a full-time job offer after completing an internship within a company. There are a lot of internship opportunities in Austria also for students who cannot speak German.

The most important is that you find an internship in your field and that this is something you enjoy doing. All internships in Austria are paid. However, when it comes to intern salary there is a big difference between companies. The intern salary ranges from less than 1.000 EUR to more than 2.000 EUR gross salary which is a quite big difference. One of the companies which are paying their interns well is Raiffeisen Bank International with 1.831 EUR gross salary which is a net salary of 1.690 EUR (including 13th and 14th salaries) plus paid public transportation and some other benefits. Another example is Infineon, they are paying Master students 2.242 EUR or 1.932 EUR net salary (including 13th and 14th salaries).

If you are looking for an internship, check out on

Get a Saturday job in Austria

Saturday jobs are very popular among Austrian students because you are free during the working week and you can attend your lectures and concentrate on your studies. Usually, supermarkets and stores are looking for people who will work on Saturdays. For most of these jobs, at least some basic knowledge of German is required.

When you are doing a Saturday job you are working up to 12 hours per week and with this kind of job, you should be able to earn around 400 EUR net per month.

The disadvantage of these jobs is usually non-convenient working hours.

Get help from the government in Austria

This is not really about earning money yourself but it is a way to cover a part of your costs. One of the most common help from the government is a family allowance and it is possible up to the age of 24 years. The amount of money you are getting is calculated on the income basis of your parents. Please note that it is only available for students with EU citizenship. You can learn more about the details here.

Be Working Student within a Company in Austria

These kinds of jobs are very similar to internships. The main difference is that these are part-time jobs usually between 15-25 hours per week and they are not limited to the period of 3 to 6 months which is the case with internships. The main advantage for you as a student is that you have a regular income during the whole year and that you can combine your part-time job with your studies meaning that you can work and study at the same time. This is a big benefit in comparison to internships where you are working full time and it is very challenging to visit lectures and pass the exams at the same time.

Write Thesis in a Company in Austria

With the final thesis, you put the end of your studies and at the same time take an important step into the near future. Whether bachelor, master or diploma: there are many advantages to writing your thesis in a company. You make contact with your dream employer, the company benefits from your scientific know-how, and your university networks with practice with your help. And also a very important thing for your student budget, you are getting paid!

University jobs in Austria

Universities are offering a different kind of jobs for students, from some very simple and unskilled jobs to the jobs where you are assisting professors. It is good to maintain a good relationship with your professors because if you one of the best students in a particular subject professor might offer you some assistance jobs at the university or some kind of scientific research job. This could be a great opportunity because this is something which is the most complementary with what you are studying, it is usually well paid and it increases your chances to get a full-time job at university after graduation.

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Become a participant in studies and surveys

You can find offers from different areas of market research and science on notice boards or the Internet. Usually, such participation is remunerated at a flat rate. By participating in usability studies or clinical studies, you can receive up to € 20 per hour in Austria.

I participated in some psychological experiments at the University of Vienna. Here is an application form.

You can also earn some extra money with online surveys. Companies can only survive in the market if they know the needs of their customers. Survey results are all the more important to optimize the quality and price of the products. If you register with an online market research portal, you can expect to earn between EUR 0.50 and EUR 12 per completed survey. Since the surveys are usually limited, you can also register with various free portals such as:



Opinion Outpost





At Swagbucks, you have several opportunities to earn money on the side. In addition to product tests, the portal also offers paid surveys, cashback campaigns, and the use of apps as income opportunities. You will be paid there with the so-called “Swag Bucks” (SB). 100 swag bucks correspond to one euro.

With these many different options, Swagbucks claims that they can earn up to 300 euros a month. You can then have your Swag Bucks paid out via PayPal or exchange them for vouchers, for example for Amazon or Zalando.

Do jobs online using crowdworking

As a student, you can easily do micro-jobs on crowdworking platforms such as Mylittlejob. With small jobs, like writing a product text or designing a logo, you can earn a real income.

Find jobs that suit you. Because the faster you get it done, the faster you can earn money. The offers range from testing an app and data research to translation and programming work.

Sell your things on the internet in Austria

Willhaben or eBay classifieds are a good option if you can’t find thrift stores locally. 

You can sell clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, sports equipment, and/or electronic devices. The main thing is that things are in good condition, then you can find buyers for almost everything.

It is important that you provide good, high-resolution images and that your product description is clear and complete. If you also have warranty documents, operating instructions, or brochures that go with your items, then selling is usually a breeze.

Sell your old books in Austria

Books for university are not only very expensive, but they also get out of date relatively quickly in many subjects. So if you are not sure that you will still need the book after the exam or the exam, you better sell it while it is still worth something. If you do have to look up something again, almost all important books are also available in your university library.

Popular literature also loses value very quickly. Which books do you read more than once? Save your absolute favorites and part with the holiday novels and mirror bestsellers – they only take up space anyway.

Books are particularly easy to sell through purchasing portals such as Momox.

Sell your old electronics

Many people cling to their old electronic devices – even though they often haven’t had enough storage space or a dead battery for a long time. It’s a shame because electrical appliances are full of valuable raw materials such as gold, silver, or copper.

There are now buying portals for old electrical appliances. Flip4New or reBuy buy old electrical appliances, recondition them and sell them on – either directly in their online shop or through third-party providers.

Sell old clothes in Austria

Even old clothes often only have an emotional value. Think carefully about whether you want a wardrobe full of memorabilia, or rather one full of your favorite pieces, in which you can find what you are looking for in seconds.

A capsule wardrobe made from high-quality (and ideally fairly produced) garments not only saves a lot of time but also a lot of money. Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to the emotional baggage and only store clothes in your closet that you wear.

Used clothing can either also be sold via Momox or via barter and sales portals such as clothing circles or eBay classifieds.

By the way, you can also find great tips on how to sell faster on eBay classified ads and make more profit in my post Successfully sell on eBay classified ads – that’s how it works! Find!

Start your blog or website

You can also work from home and make money with your blog. The income is generated through affiliate links. These are referrals linked on your page for products or services that you get paid for. For example, depending on the agreement, you earn on every click or purchase. Large online shops and other companies offer programs for this.

For affiliate marketing to be worthwhile, your blog needs to achieve a good search engine ranking. On the one hand, it is important to regularly publish interesting articles. Second, you have to take care of search engine optimization (SEO). You can make a lot of money with a good and extensive blog. The initial effort usually pays off in the long term.

If it is important to you that your work remains your work and you want to write about things that interest you personally, then a personal blog or website is an idea. As you build an ever-growing readership, you can later generate income from advertising on your site.

You only earn a few cents per click with such advertising banners, but if you have enough visitors who are also interested in the products or services of the banners, it can still be worthwhile.

Keep in mind that building your blog or website is a long journey where in most cases you need to work hard at least one year on it before you start getting any decent income. However, the huge benefit is that once it is built it doesn’t require that much effort anymore and it could be your passive source of income.

To start learning about building successful blog or website I would definatelly reommend Income School YouTube Channel.

Sell ​​your notes and study materials at StuDocu

Have you ever heard of StuDocu? On StuDocu you will find all the summaries, exams, and transcripts you need to pass your exams with better grades. And best of all, you can upload your notes, summaries, and exams, sell, and help other students! To implement the concept at new universities, a basis of documents is required. That is why documents are purchased for a limited period.

Even if documents are no longer purchased from your university, you can still upload your notes and use them to help millions of students pass their exams. As a small thank you, you receive 14 days of premium access for every accepted document AND tickets for the lottery, with which you have the chance to win an iPad or cash prizes.

Hundreds of thousands of students from around the world already use StuDocu to share their documents and improve their grades. Try it!

Dog sitting

Not in the mood for people? Then this is the alternative to babysitting! Some dog owners are away for a while and are not allowed or able to take their dog with them. Some also simply do not have the time to take full care of their dog. This is exactly where you step in, everything about walking, looking after, feeding, and playing with the dog is one of your areas of responsibility. Tiersitter24 is a good source for dog sitting jobs in Austria.

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Bartender/waiter in Austria

Another common part-time job for students is working in a bar or restaurant. Sometimes there is a café in the university, and they probably hire some students from the university to help.

Outside of university, there are plenty of opportunities if you want to work part-time in a bar or restaurant. If you are not good at German, Irish or Australian pubs are quite a common working place for foreign students. Or you can look for a restaurant with an owner from your own country. For example, many of my Serbian friends chose to work in a Serbian restaurant. The Serbian owner is more likely looking for students who can speak Serbian so that it is easier to communicate.

Babysitter and other jobs from private persons in Austria

The classic alongside waiters and tutoring is babysitting. For this, you should have a good hand in dealing with babies, toddlers, and children and also have a certain amount of experience. Students usually earn between 10 and 15 euros per hour. The good thing: babysitters in particular benefit from the parents’ word-of-mouth propaganda. If you do your job well and your parents recommend you to friends, you can quickly build up a permanent customer base. is a popular website in Austria for people to look for such jobs. On this website, you can also find other jobs apart from babysitting such as taking care of dogs, gardening, or helping in the household such as cleaning or cooking.

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Donate blood in Austria

Donate blood or plasma. A nice contribution to society that is usually rewarded as a lump sum. Find out about the requirements at your local blood and plasma donation center.

Before you are approved for a donation, you usually have to take a few tests and there are usually guidelines on how often such donations are made.

The Red Cross also provides information on blood and plasma donations

The fastest and easiest way to earn money is to donate blood and plasma. Between 10 and 30 euros per donation are possible. For a plasma donation, even more, usually between 25-40 euros per donation. At the same time, you are also doing good things by donating blood to people who need it.

You have to know, however, that there is no expense allowance for donating blood everywhere. The Austrian Red Cross, for example, offers free food and drinks, but no money. Biolife Plasma Donation Center and some others in Vienna pay 25 EUR for every donation. If a financial allowance is your main motive for donating blood you should check in advance whether the institution or clinic which you found offers a financial allowance or not.

Men are allowed to donate blood a maximum of five times a year, women four times a year. You can also donate plasma up to 44 times a year.

Give tutoring in Austria

If you are fit in subjects such as math, German, English, or physics, you are predestined as a tutor for students. You can earn between 10 and 30 EUR per hour depending on the level of complexity of the subject you are giving tutoring and your skills. In addition to your knowledge of a certain subject or your technical skills, the prerequisite is of course the ability to explain facts to others in an understandable manner. Nachhilfe24 is a good source for tutoring jobs.

Become a YouTuber

Your own YouTube channel is also suitable for working from home. In the long term, you can achieve a good passive income and build your own business. But that also means that there is a lot of effort before success. You have to regularly produce interesting videos and use clever marketing to draw attention to your channel. Because this is the only way to reach enough subscribers to generate a decent income.

The income is generated by placing advertisements and through affiliate links in the video description. YouTubers with a very high reach can also receive product placement contracts. Running your own YouTube channel is always an independent job.

If you want to know how to create your own YouTube channel in no time at all, you should watch the following video:

Usability tester

A usability test is a special form of product test that deals with digital content. For example, they test apps, software, or websites on behalf of the manufacturer. You evaluate speed, user-friendliness, and appearance and look for logical and technical errors. They are based on given test plans and document the results.

Apart from interest and general experience in handling the products to be tested, you do not need any specialist knowledge. Concentration and precise work are important. The job is good for students and for working from home. You can find offers for permanent positions or freelance work via job exchanges or search engines on the Internet. You will of course also find job offers on the relevant agency platforms. In our opinion, the following are particularly recommended:



The remuneration is usually performance-related. That means there is a fixed amount per test.

Sell stock photos

As a hobby photographer, have you saved a lot of pictures and new ones are constantly being added? Use this treasure to make money. Certainly, some of your works are suitable for websites and publications. Photo usage rights can be sold via stock exchanges such as:



Of course, you cannot work from home only, as you are taking photos away from home. But you are not tied to fixed working hours and do a large part of the work at home, editing the photos and assigning the keywords. The best part, however, is that the photos will still generate passive income even after a long time without you having to do anything. And apart from a good camera and suitable image processing software, there are no initial investments. The most important thing is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer.

City guide or guide: Show visitors your city in Austria

You know a lot about your city and would like to pass your knowledge on to tourists with a part-time job as a guide? If you enjoy communicating with people and are weatherproof, then you will have fun doing the student job. The tours are also possible with Segways.

Sell DIY (Do It Yourself) products

Do you like to be creative in your craft? Then you can make money selling your homemade products. Sewing and needlework, self-made jewelry, and decorative items bring in additional income or even a main income. You work from home and can turn your hobby into a profession.

Suitable sales platforms include Handmade at Amazon,, or If you are very active, you can also set up your shop, for example with Shopify. Pay attention to the offers and prices of the competition and use social media channels to attract attention. The regular sale of DIY products is considered a trade and requires registration.


Working from home is also possible with your online shop, especially if you use the dropshipping concept. This means that the wholesaler sends the goods directly to the customer. You don’t come into contact with it and don’t need a warehouse. You don’t have to pre-finance anything either. Therefore, this variant is also a good start for founders.

Your task is initially to set up the online shop, for which you can use Shopify, for example. The most difficult thing is to find suitable wholesalers. But once the shop is up and running, you take care of product range maintenance, advertising, and customer relationships. You can work completely from home.

Rent your car on platforms in Austria

Car sharing is becoming more and more of a trend. Futurologists predict that no one will own cars in the future because all vehicles are shared. Most of the time our vehicles just stand around and age. Anyone who shares their car with others can easily earn money with it without having to work for it. Private car-sharing is currently not so well known to us, but the first large providers are already in the process of gaining reach.

Cars are expensive – not just to buy, but also to maintain. But if you don’t use your car every day, you can easily rent it out privately to cover part of the cost of it.

The most popular platform to rent your car in Austria is Getaround.

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Wrap Advertisements on your Car in Austria

You can earn money if you stick some ads on your car. Promodrive is one of companies which offer you a money for advertisments on your car.

Become a Driver in Austria and Earn Money

If you have a driving license you can always earn some money. You have even more possibilities if you have your car then you can earn a good income by becoming a driver with Uber or Bolt. You can check other current openings on our website.

Rent out your apartment in Austria

Are you at home during the semester break or on vacation for a longer period? Portals such as Airbnb or WG-Gesucht offer you the opportunity to earn some extra money by subletting your room or apartment. You can also cover part of your costs while you are abroad without having to give up your apartment.

In any case, check your contract to see whether you are allowed to sublet and clarify all subleases in writing with your landlord, otherwise, they may terminate you if necessary.

Register with Textbroker

A part-time job from the sofa? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But to write small advertising texts or article descriptions at Textbroker, you do not need any special training or particular talent. Only spelling and grammar should be right. Then the copywriting portal is a good introduction to the world of copywriting and at the same time improves your income a little. 

Do App Jobs (easy, no IT knowledge required)

A very easy way to earn a few euros on the side as a regular student is to do app jobs. The app enables you to complete small tasks in a very practical way in a few minutes, e.g. during the drive home from university or between seminars. Typical micro-jobs are, for example, taking pictures of the opening times of a certain restaurant or the availability of certain products in supermarkets or recording the prices of certain products.

You usually only earn a few euros per task, but the effort is also low. Current app jobs in Vienna are available on this website.

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