How and Why to Register your Residence in Austria (Meldezettel)?

In your first weeks in Austria, you will have to deal with bureaucracy. One of the mandatory things to do is to register your residence and to get confirmation (Meldetettel) if you plan to stay longer than three months. It is also mandatory to inform authorities if you are changing your address in Austria. In this article you will learn how to register your residence in Austria, how much does it cost, what are the deadlines and fines when you register late, whether you can do it with an Airbnb.

What is a Residence Registration Confirmation (Meldezettel) and Why It is Important?

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The residence registration confirmation (Meldezettel) is the registration of your residential address within the municipal office. It is confirming the correctness of your address and all authorities can access it online. 

This document such important since it is a requirement to access all vital services in Austria such as a bank account, an internet connection, a mobile phone contract, registering a car, buying insurance, etc.

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Where can I Register my Residence (Meldezettel) and Which Documents do I Need?

The registration authority is responsible for the change of residence.  In Vienna, you can register your residence at the municipal district offices. You can register your residence at any district office no matter whether your residence is in this district or not.

MA 62 Registration Service – Central Registration Information

Wimbergergasse 14-16, ground floor

1070 Vienna

Email: meldeservice-auskunft (at)

Phone: +43 1 4000 76449

Opening times of the district offices in Vienna:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Long Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Office hours for telephone advice:

Monday to Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Necessary documents to register residence (Meldezettel):

  • Application form, download online (registration form, fully fulfilled and signed by apartment owner)
  • Proof of identity (Passport for foreigners, otherwise identity card or driver license possible)

Do you have to register residence (Meldezettel) personally?

No, it is not necessary to register your residence personally. Another person can do it for you and this person does not need a power of attorney form you to register your residence.

Postal mail is also an option for sending the necessary documents.

You can’t register your residence by email or fax.

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Where can I get a residence registration form (Meldezettel)? 

The residence registration form (Meldezettel) can be downloaded online and it is available free of charge at the municipal office.

How long is the residence registration confirmation (Meldezettel) valid?

The residence registration confirmation (Meldetettel) is valid until a change of address takes place. Once you change your address of residence you have to report this.

How much do a residence registration confirmation (Meldezettel) costs?

The registration, deregistration, or re-registration of a residence is free of charge.

Fees apply for a duplicate – for example, if you lost the original document. Depending on the type of application and the purpose of the confirmation costs are ranging between 2.10 EUR and 17.30 EUR.

Is it possible to register a residence (Meldezettel) online?

Yes, but online residence registration is only possible for Austrian citizens.

Can I Do The Residence Registration (Meldezettel) With An Airbnb?

No, you can’t. Airbnb is in general only available for short-term rentals. This means that the owner of an Airbnb will most likely not allow you to register under their address. The Airbnb owner might be more flexible only if you book an apartment for a longer period i.e. 6 months.

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What is the deadline for residence registration (Meldezettel) and what happens if You register late?

3 days is a deadline to register your new address of residence after moving into your new apartment and you have to de-register within 3 days after moving out of your old apartment. Therefore, the municipality office should be at the top of your to-do list when moving. 

Registering a residence address is a legal obligation in Austria. This means that you are always obliged to inform the authorities about your current residence address. 

If you miss the deadline, you can expect a fine of up to 726 euros according to the law. In the reality, authorities are usually tolerant if you miss the deadline, especially if you have a good reason for it.

Registration is not the responsibility of the landlord or the owner of the property – everyone has to register independently.

Lost residence registration confirmation (Meldezettel), what to do?

If you lose your confirmation of registration (Meldezettel), you can apply for a new one at the municipality office and you have to pay a small fee which ranges between 2.10 EUR and 17.30 EUR.

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