Bad neighborhoods in Vienna: Worst districts to stay or to live in Vienna

You are visiting Vienna as a tourist and you are thinking about what would be a safe area to stay. Or you finally got a job offer in Vienna and you are looking for an apartment and asking yourself what are bad and dangerous areas for living in Vienna which you should not consider.

The bad neighborhoods or Districts in Vienna are:

10. Favoriten

02. Leopoldstadt

20. Brigittenau

15. Fünfhaus 

21. Floridsdorf 

16. Ottakring 

-11. Simmering

Specifically designated places in Vienna which are unsafe:

-01. Karlsplatz, Resselpark, Operngasse 

-01. Inner City, Stephansplatz, Schwedenplatz

-02. Prater, Wurstelprater, Hauptallee

-02. Praterstern, Nordbahnhof

-02. Mexikoplatz 

-06. Westbahnhof

-22. Rennbahnweg

-22. Kagran 

Types of unsafe places or settings where you should be cautious:

Underground, underground stations 

-Train stations/train station area 


-Drug handling points 

Source: Official website of city of Vienna

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You read that Vienna is the number one city in the world when it comes to the quality of life, watched some beautiful tourist videos, or visited only the first district and tourist attractions. You have a picture of Vienna as an ideal city that is extremely safe and free of crime.

Have you visited Favoriten (10th District of Vienna)?

Thefts, vandalism, physical attacks and fights, illegal drug dealing, and prostitution are just some of the types of crimes that are happening every day in Vienna. The level of crime differentiates a lot from one area or district to another one.

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How dangerous is 10th District – Favoriten in Vienna?

Which is the Viennese most unsafe area? When it comes to the number of police reports and the residents’ sense of security, it is the 10th District called Favoriten. This is the Viennese district with the most crime according to the police reports. 

Favoriten is a working-class neighborhood, the big city inside a big city, unadorned residential area. It is not a coincidence that people keep saying that Favoriten is a problematic and unsafe area. The average annual income per capita is the second-lowest in Vienna, the proportion of people with a migration background is very high at 46.6 percent as well as the proportion of unemployed. (Source: ORF)

There are so many conflicts in Favoriten because there are many people from socially disadvantaged groups who live together. 


When it comes to break-ins in apartments and houses break-ins are preferred where there is – probably – something to be stolen. Break-ins tend to be in more affluent neighborhoods. For this reason, Hietzing (13th District), unsurprisingly, tops the Vienna list with 62 offenses per 10,000 inhabitants. This is followed by the inner city (1st District) with 60 and Döbling (19th District) with 49. In comparison to the socially disadvantaged Brigittenau ( 20th District), there are 19 break-ins per 10,000 residents. (Source: Die Presse)

Car theft

The amount of vehicle thefts is the highest in the First District with 16 stolen cars per 10,000 inhabitants. populous Favoriten (10th District) follows behind with eleven stolen cars per 10,000 people.

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