Austria’s most wanted: Austria released the list of shortage occupations for 2021

Check which jobs are on the shortage occupations list in Austria in 2021 and for which you would be able to get privileged work permit called Red-White-Red card for shortage occupations.

Getting a skilled work and residence permit for Austria has never been more challenging as in the current Covid-19 conditions. There are currently almost half a million unemployed people in Austria. This bad conditions on labour market resulted also in the reduction of number of shortage professions. Austrian authorities released new list of 45 shortage professions on 23.12.2020. This list has been reduced in comparison to the last year from 60 to 45 professions. It is very interesting that on the new list for the first time we can see doctors.

NumberOccupation (German)Occupation (English)
1Diplomingenieure/innen für Starkstromtechnik Graduated engineers for strong electricity technology
2Techniker/innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.) für StarkstromtechnikTechnicians with a higher education (engineer) for strong electricity technology
3Landmaschinenbauer/innen Agricultural machinery manufacturers
4Schwarzdecker/innen Black-deckers
5Techniker/innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.) für DatenverarbeitungTechnicians with higher education (engineering) for data processing
6Diplomingenieure/innen für Datenverarbeitung Graduated engineers for data processing
7Techniker/innen für Starkstromtechnik Technicians for strong electricity technology
8Techniker/innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.) für MaschinenbauTechnicians with higher education (Ing.) for mechanical engineering
9Diplomingenieure/innen für Maschinenbau Graduated engineers for mechanical engineering
10Dachdecker/innen Roofers
11Diplomierte/r Gesundheits-  Krankenpfleger/innenGraduated health nurse
12Bautischler/innen Construction joiners
13Ärzt/innen Doctors
14Diplomingenieure/innen für Schwachstrom- und
Graduated engineers for weak electricity
15Lokomotivführer/innen, -heizer/innen Locomotive drivers and heaters
16Betonbauer/innen Concrete workers
17Rohrinstallateur/innen, -monteur/innen Pipe fitters and fitters
18Elektroinstallateur/innen, Elektromonteur/innen ElektroinstalateriElectricians, electricians, electrical installers
19Techniker/innen mit höherer Ausbildung soweit
nicht anderweitig eingeordnet
Technicians with higher education if not classified elsewhere 
20Zimmer(er)/innen Carpenter
21Spengler/innen Calculators
22Dreher/innen Lathe operator
23Kalkulant/innen Costs accountant
24Platten-, Fliesenleger/innen Welders
25Schweißer/innen, Schneidbrenner/innen Cutting torches
26Fräser/innen Milling cutters
27Techniker/innen für Maschinenbau Technicians for mechanical engineering
28Augenoptiker/innen Opticians
29Techniker/innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.)
für Bauwesen
Technicians with higher education (Ing.) for construction 
30Diplomingenieure/innen sowie nicht anderweitig
Graduated engineers and engineers which are not otherwise
31Techniker/innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.)
für technische Chemie, Chemotechniker/innen
Technicians with higher education (Ing.) for technical chemistry, chemical technicians 
32Bodenleger/innen Floor layers
33Kraftfahrzeugmechaniker/innen Motor vehicle mechanics
34Schlosser/innen Locksmiths
35Händler/innen und Verkäufer/innen von Eisenund Metallwaren, Maschinen, Haushalts- und KüchengeräteDealers and sellers of iron and metal goods, machines, household and kitchen appliances
36Lohn, Gehaltsverrechner/innen Salaries’ accountants, specialists for calculating salaries
37Bauspengler/innenConstruction workers
38Pflasterer/innen Pavers
39Bau- und Möbeltischler/innen Construction and furniture makers
40Techniker/innen für Schwachstrom- und NachrichtentechnikTechnicians for low-voltage and communications technology
41Lackierer/innen Varnishers
42Techniker/innen für Datenverarbeitung Technicians for data processing
43Maurer/innen Bricklayers
44PflegefachassistentInnenSpecialized Nursing assistants
45PflegeassistentInnen Nursing assistants

As a third-country citizen, you may apply for a Red-White-Red Card as a Skilled Worker in a Shortage Occupation valid for 24 months, if

  • you are able to furnish proof of completed training in a shortage occupation under the regulation
  • you have received a binding job offer in Austria and the prospective employer is willing to remunerate you with the minimum pay stipulated by law, regulation or collective agreement (in the event that overpay is customary in the respective company, it must also be granted to you)
  • you reach a minimum of 55 points according to the list of criteria:

Eligibility criteria for skilled workersPoints
QualificationMaximum allowable points: 30
Completed vocational education/training in the shortage occupation20
General eligibility for university admission25
Completion of a programme of studies with a minimum duration of three years at an institution of tertiary education30
Work experience matching one’s qualificationMaximum allowable points: 20
Work experience (per year)2
Work experience in Austria (per year)4
German language skillsMaximum allowable points: 15
Elementary use of the German language on a basic level (A1 level)5
German language skills for the intensified elementary use of the language (A2 level)10
German language skills for the independent use of the language (B1 level)15
English language skillsMaximum allowable points: 10
English language skills for the intensified elementary use of the language (A2 level)5
English language skills for the independent use of the language (B1 level)10
AgeMaximum allowable points: 15
Up to 30 years of age15
Up to 40 years of age10
Sum total of maximum allowable points:90
Required minimum:55

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